How often do you take on others problems and try to help them solve them? So often we take on the toils of others out of pure love to ensure they are safe and out of harm. When you work in an industry where helping people is your main trade you tend to bring this [...]

"Life will only acknowledge you as much as you acknowledge yourself. Shine your light; what do you secretly want to be?"  Rebecca Campbell, Light Is The New Black.  It's been a while since I've blogged to you all. I've been going through a period of transition and development. BUT I am back here with more [...]

There once was a little girl with a mighty vision of the world Who's dreams consumed her mind - dreams of every kind She was born to stand and shine. As she grew up in this world she realised things were not so pearled In a world of terror, symptoms of despairers She needed to [...]

In an unorthodox and pretty brutal world these days... people are falling by the way side left right and centre at a younger age with; stress, illness, career woes, failed relationships... I was speaking to my life coach a few weeks ago and she said I have need so many 28 year olds whom are [...]

Here it is... Wednesday! Everyone's dread day! But why? What's so bad about Wednesday? Yes it's smack bang in the middle of the week but surely that's just a good sign that the weekend is just around the corner?  But what if you lived a life that you didn't wait for the weekend, that everyday [...]