Your Backpack

How often do you take on others problems and try to help them solve them? So often we take on the toils of others out of pure love to ensure they are safe and out of harm. When you work in an industry where helping people is your main trade you tend to bring this into your personal life too. Part of the hardest thing about being in industries where helping other is your key focus is where do your create that boundary. People are drawn to you because you are a helper, you are nice but then tend to drop you as soon as you are unnecessary. As humans its a natural instinct to be wanted to be needed. We like the idea that someone wants us or needs us. Especially as females we are providers, that what we are created for, to create little humans and provide for them. What I tend to find is I get too emotionally involved in those I care about, I feel their pain when things go wrong, I want to carry and nurture them to make sure they are pain free, but what you have to remember is everyone has to carry their own backpack. One of my friends pulled me aside the other day. With a lot of change happening in my life right now, it causes major unsettlement with emotions which causes you to over worry, over think and over emotionalise everything. She told me this story about your own backpack. Everyone has their own life backpack they have to carry. Everyones each individual backpack is pretty heavy, its full of everything in your life, your worries, your fears, your emotions, your trophies, your winnings, your dreams – everything. Everybody has one of these backpacks and everyones backpack is pretty darn full. You can’t unload someone else backpack onto yours, because how will you then be able to climb the hill? All you can do is hold their hand, support them, and encourage them to the top. SO here is my weekly motivation for you. If you are trying to help someone else unload their backpack. STOP. Support, cry with them, hold their Hand, encourage them BUT you cannot take on their backpack as well as your own. What I suggest for you this week is to support. If you can feel someone struggling, reach out. Ask them if they are okay, let them know you are there to support. Let them know that we can all talk about our backpacks, and we can all support each other. But remember you have enough in your backpack alone. You need to focus on that.

Lots of Love.

Jayne xxx

Health, Happiness & Healing 

A lot of people talking about healing yourself and by doing this it will enable you to open up to others. I am a great believer in healing. By gosh I have spent most of my adult life trying to heal. If you are a born worrier you will spend ALOT of time healing yourself. But what is healing yourself? Healing yourself is enabling yourself to cut out everything that doesn’t add to your highest value and your highest self. 

What is your highest self? This is the version of you that doesn’t allow negative influences to affect your confidence, your happiness, your value of yourself, your smile, your day to day living. Healing is having the power that no mater what is chucked your way, you can handle it. 

It takes time to heal, you need to allow yourself to take time out, reflect on life, be peaceful, be calm, mediate, read, indulge yourself in self discovery to whom and what you want in your life. 

Once you have healed then you will exhilarate health and happiness 💞

Social Media Detox: Boost Your Mindset

So I am stating this now… It is something I have thought about for a while – but I am going to be doing a social media cleanse. This includes no instagram, facebook, twitter, snapchat and minimising Whats App (although I need it for work). Anything that is posted onto my social media over the next 21 days will be through my blogs only which automatically upload onto the said above social media avenues.

Social media has become the largest most time consuming hobby and habit. With 81% of the UK population with constant access to social media content 24 hours a head – this is only likely to rise over the coming years. The link in rise of anxiety and depression has also risen by 70% in the past 25 years – which has been identified to closely link into social media influences. Right I am not here to preach about how bad social media is – social media has changed the world and I think used correctly it is THE most amazing platform. BUT it also has its biggest downfalls – not only has social media usage increased and anxiety, UK Debt has also increased and it all links into trying to the credit generation and not linking into reality – alot essentially maintaining an unrealistic life to outsiders looking in. I am taking the challenge of the next 21 days to get out of my bad habits of social media and see how it affects my productivity, mindset and wellbeing.

How many of you our there watch others peoples instagrams and think, “I wish I had that in my life?” The issue is you don’t see what else is going on behind those pictures. Alot of the time those happy, exciting pictures of the most perfectly portrayed happy life are for that moment. We are all trying to live up to what we see others do or what we think we want. LIVE in YOUR moment! It is YOUR life and you can create your own realm of happiness. Who is going to post their unhappy moments? No body! Why would you? Everybody wants to portray their life as perfect. In my upcoming book: “Free-ed” I open up about alot of my past anxiety and history of how I overcame this all. By learning to live in my life. I want to help you all too.

In the next 21 days I am going to cover different topics on how to become your best version: Do You Guys Have Any Specific Topics you would like me to cover?

I am over the next 21 days going to live in my moments – who’s joining me? #yourbestversion #socialcleanse #21days #mentalhealth


Mindfully You

“Life will only acknowledge you as much as you acknowledge yourself. Shine your light; what do you secretly want to be?” 

Rebecca Campbell, Light Is The New Black. 

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged to you all. I’ve been going through a period of transition and development. BUT I am back here with more knowledge, experience and wisdom to help you become your greatest self. 

Since moving to London my life has been VERY full on… but I love it. I have never felt more myself than now and I love everyone in my life and my team and how much we all push each other to be the best. Today I want to blog on being “mindfully you”. What does that even mean I hear you ask. 

“Mindfully you” is being fully accepting of yourself in your mind, body and soul that you are not afraid to express yourself and who YOU truly are. This is sometimes a hard thing to identify… trust me! We are all always on a journey of development and discovery – but here’s the secret – everybody is on a journey of development and mindfulness! Does this make you feel better? Everybody wants to find inner peace, inner love and self worth – even those that push you away, even those that don’t show it – it’s because they crave to find their inner peace and inner love. 

But here’s the key: in order to find this you need to be truely at peace with where you are right now. Accepting that where you are right now is EXACTLY where you are meant to be on your journey and your destination is still a journey. 

Today I want you to be accepting of where you are right now: be thankful for all the lessons that you have learned along the way to get you to this point and accept that right now in this moment – life is going to be okay ❤️

A Vision: Rise Again

There once was a little girl with a mighty vision of the world
Who’s dreams consumed her mind – dreams of every kind
She was born to stand and shine.

As she grew up in this world she realised things were not so pearled
In a world of terror, symptoms of despairers
She needed to show the light.

As people knocked her down she tried desperately not too frown
“You ideas are crazy, you cannot change lazy”
She persisted with a smile.

Now life had worn her down, her smile was turned upside down
With years of anxiety, a body shaming society,
She lost her sense of worth.

In the darkest of the years, there was many many tears
Times of isolation, years of mass frustration
She needed to refined her light.

The years of pain had got her, but one day a trigger hit her
As she looked in the mirror, She was the only one who could steer her
To find her light again.

One moment in an evening, A cold night the stars were shining
She looked for soul defining, digging deep to ignore whining
To refined her passion again.

She looked at those around her, realised they just ignored her
Because of their own unsettle, unhappy in their own fettle
They took their pain upon her, because her heart was full of wonder
They would kick the biggest heart.

She refound her positive angel, She would change those minds who thought with painful
Because there was another life, one with happy times
Everyone deserved to shine.

As she rose above the sea waves, rising up and showing shockwaves
That freedom could be able, to be free’ed from your heads fable
We all deserve to smile.

As happiness shone around her, she spread happiness in whisper
To show their is an option, for happiness to be your adoption
There is the chance to shine.

And in a world of many, full of dreadful terrors plenty
She’s shown the world the option, to live or be forgotten
You have the chance to be free’ed and rid your enemies.

Erradicate Self Doubt: Female Empowerment

I read an article recently talking about the difference between males and females in their confidence of knowing their value and self worth. It shocked me really… but it really hit a nail on the head – too many females out there don’t believe they are good enough! WHY? Jumpup.jpgBecause for tens of thousand of years, men have always been the leaders, women haven’t had as many rights, women have been believed to be home bearers, stay being only mothers… but in this past decade everyone is starting to see and realise just how influential and powerfu women can be. With a slightly more civilised and diplomatic approach, confident in our decisions, but not cocky women are starting to make an impact, I would call it, “The Rise of the Female Boss”. Females in our day and age are really fortunate for all the hard work and effort our ancestors put in to fight for our human rights, our place and value in society. No longer are females viewed as women who go to college to get an education so they can meet the right man, they are actively encouraged to get an excellent education, be independent and fight for their rights to the life they want.

Have I been lucky?
As a child I was always encouraged to participate in everything – even though I was incredibly timid, I was a bit of a bossy boots (my brother would agree) and I wanted to partake in everything that he was doing, if he went to football camp, I wanted to go to football camp – but you are a girl? – “I don’t care that I am a girl, I want to go to football camp.” Thats how I remember is anyway. When I look back now I think, actually this is how I live my life. My friends all know this, if anybody says but you can’t do that you are not as strong us us because your a girl… I am the first to be like.. oh you wanna bet? Bring it! It’s the power of self belief! I recently had a conversation with someone who said, “you are not going to be able to change the world Jayne, maybe small parts of it, but not the world.” Then out of no where on facebook a little quote popped up, “Those who are crazy enough to think they can help change the world usually are the ones crazy enough to do it.” I thought – ah ha! SEE!

As females now, we have to realise there is no barrier to success, we need to start being as confident as men in our decisions and know that actually we are good enough and be influenced by those above us females and males, and learn! The key to success is learning, and mimicing – Take a person whom you see fit as astrong infleuntial role model for what you want to achieve in your life. If you studied that person, and viewed how they created there success and worked through how they created their success… you are highly likely to do it… but trust me its not an easy feat – it will take hard work and persistence just like it did the person before you! As an athlete, I worshipped Kasja Berqvist! She had one downfall, rose back up, another downfall, rose back up and I used to look at her and everytime I had a knockdown I was Like, “GET YOURSELF BACK UP!”

So today ladies (and gents), I want you to be rockstars! Believe in yourself, and if you don’t  then “fake it till you feel it! “When people assumed a high power pose (for example taking up space by spreading their limbs) for just two minutes their dominance hormone level went up and their stress levels went down. As a result they felt more powerful”. (Sandberg,s. 2015)
Scientific studies have been shown to prove that how you hold yourself and your posture can in 2 minutes changed your power status!!! How crazy is that!
So today in the words of Robin Sharma:
IMG_9671.JPG(Robin Sharma, The Greatness Guide)

Whatever you are doing today –
do it with confidence, wear your confidence with pride and be your best self!