How often do you take on others problems and try to help them solve them? So often we take on the toils of others out of pure love to ensure they are safe and out of harm. When you work in an industry where helping people is your main trade you tend to bring this [...]

“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Vulnerability - I hate the feeling of being vulnerable I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. It makes me feel exposed, fearful and anxious. But when we enable ourselves to be vulnerable we can create this incredible journey of facing our fears because let’s be honest [...]

As I am excitedly on my way to my first ever The Best You Expo, I felt the need to write a wee blog about what "beYOUtiful U" means. Someone messaged me the other day thanking me for my work towards helping people develop self love. This is entirely what beYOUtiful U means. Why have [...]

Have you thought about your nutritition plan? Creating your plan requires some research to help you create something that you look forward to eating. Websites I find useful are: BBC Good Food | Good To Know | UKTV Healthy Recipes BBC Good Food Healthy Recipes also have an app on the App store now which [...]