We are coming up to Eating Disorder Awareness Week next week and I am running a POWER phase next week where I want to help you guys turn vulnerability into Power. Being vulnerable isn't a weakness it is a power because the capability to grow from showing vulnerability and to show strength is unreal. I [...]

January provides a month where a lot of individuals re analyse their lives, what makes them happy, what do they want and what do they want to achieve. After such big breakthroughs in life for me in 2017, I have felt an immense amount of pressure to keep pushing - which excites me as I [...]

Sorry guys I haven’t blogged in a few weeks it’s been mega busy BUT I am back! Touching on the topic of being undeniably you! We all get so caught up in being the person we think everyone else wants us to be that sometimes we forget who we are and what we want. On [...]