Life is so precious and we spend so much time chasing things... Career Success, Love, Money, Glory, Image, Perfection - how often do you take time to just be in the moment? How often have you been impatient and its caused things to break down, or you have missed a vital piece of information, or been misinformed because you haven't waited for the whole picture before jumping to conclusions?

Promise Yourself✨✨ ••• To Worry less and live more 🤪 ... To keep your heart kind in a world that tries to break it down 💕 ..... To keep breathing when you want to stop and fight for every breath 🥇 ..... To remember pain is temporary it will eventually go away 🤜🏼 ..... To [...]

"Reading...? I mean who has time for that?" Used to be me, as I sat and watched endless episodes of breaking bad and prison break on an evening when returning from a busy day with clients. I hadn't read a book in years apart from skimming university books for my masters degree for the knowledge [...]

That process, sometimes where you need to lose yourself. To allow yourself to feel out of control and go with the flow. Something that comes very unnaturally for me. It's been almost 5 years since retiring as an "athlete" and I still reminisce in those days and what they meant and how they shaped me [...]