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Author: beYOUtiful U

Commonwealth Games Finalist, Media Ambassador for BEAT, and Personal Trainer Jayne Nisbet has been working and helping the world achieve their goals and dreams. With over 8 years experience in the health, fitness and sport education sector with a range of experience from working with children and teens to working with adults 18 years - 70 years of age. Get in touch with Jayne to Start working towards achieving your goals and believing in your dreams. On Your Marks... Get Set... Take a Chance... Make a Change.


“Courage starts with showing up and letting ourselves be seen.” Vulnerability – I hate the feeling of being vulnerable I don’t know anyone who doesn’t. It makes me feel exposed, fearful and anxious. But when we enable ourselves to be … Continue Reading Vulnerability

Stop Chasing The Waves

Life is so precious and we spend so much time chasing things… Career Success, Love, Money, Glory, Image, Perfection – how often do you take time to just be in the moment? How often have you been impatient and its caused things to break down, or you have missed a vital piece of information, or been misinformed because you haven’t waited for the whole picture before jumping to conclusions?

Who has it all figured out anyway?

Who has it all figured out anyway? Here to tell you not a lot of us haha! I got asked the other day, Jayne what is your 5 year plan and for the first time in a long time I froze and panicked! OMG I do not know what my 5 year plan is anymore, I have been DRIFTING!!!!!!!!!!

Tonight’s Live

We have had some technical issues with instagram: here is tonight’s live 💜