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Jayne Nisbet Author of Free-ed is here to help you embark on your journey to freedom from Self Sabotage and Create a Better Life.

Jayne Nisbet is a public motivational speaker, author, blogger and entrepreneur looking to help inspire YOU to become your best version through mindset, fashion and fitness. This blog has been written for teenagers and adults who are struggling to stop their self sabotaging habits. Commonwealth Games Finalist Jayne has written her first book about her journey back to her state of freedom from Illness, which is why the book is called Free-ed. (ED is the shortened name for eating disorders.) Being free will stand differently for everyone and the state of freedom will vary from person to person. But each moment and before you start I want you to picture what your ideal life would be like.
What makes your soul happy, what makes you smile, what makes you jump out of bed in the morning?

My name is Jayne. I was an Eating Disorder sufferer, which sabotaged me from fulfilling 4 years of my athletics career to its full potential. In 2010 after missing out from The Commonwealth Games in Delhi, I took myself to the side and made a promise. The promise that I would ensure I would be the BEST version of myself at the time of Glasgow 2014 just less than 4 years later, by overcoming this illness and breaking free from my self sabotaging habits. Over the years from 2005 – 2014. I struggled to gain perspective on what mattered in my life. Allowing other influences to control how I maximized who I was, with image being a big driving factor for me and how people perceived me.

This is a self help blog to be used along side other forms of therapy such as a psychologist, whom I would highly recommend in seeking out to help you maximize your recovery. I hope this blog inspires you to get the help you need to enable you to get procedures in place to become your greatest self.

Whether you suffer from anxiety, eating disorders, depression, addiction or you are just struggling at the moment, there is always help out there. Open up. Talking is your greatest form of therapy.

Love Jayne x

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