About Jayne Nisbet

The Biggest Adventure You Can Take Is To Live the Life Of Your Dreams xx

From a timid body aware teenager to a woman striving to help others see past perfections and learn to truly love themselves from the inside out. My past would always describe me as the one desperately trying to fit in, not feeling fully comfortable in situations. My only vocality being my outlet on the sports field. Here I am to help YOU find your power and embrace the inner battles, the momentary lapses, the ups, the downs, the crazy moments, the blissful moments, the moment you fall in love, the moment you find you… I’m here for it all and I’m here to help you learn to love the journey, embrace the process, because let’s be honest, no one is completely perfect – its how we embrace it.

On my rebrand I have spent over a year thinking what do I voice, what sort of community do I want to create – in a mini battle for a long time over what that voice would be, but my voice is: lets learn to love you a little bit more… time to get started.

All my Love
Jayne x

“Jayne’s bravery through such a difficult time has birthed a passionate desire to help others over come and avoid eating disorders. The honesty she shares about her own struggles will no doubt give others the confidence to speak up about theirs as we continue to work towards freeing ourselves from mental health issues. ‘Free-ed’ is the first step to taking control of you.”

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