Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset

“If we are what we repeatedly do, then excellence is not an act, but a habit”


It’s said to take 10,000 hours to become a master of a skill…. athletes spend hours, weeks, days and months to get to that elite level and hopefully eventually reach their pinnacle performance. Years of behind the scenes, hurdles along the way, ups and downs, months of planning and preperation and YEARS of progressive QUALITY overload to become a master of their trade. The same can be said with a business, as a trainer, as a marketer, as a teacher, it may take thousands of hours and experience to claim yourself as a master. So let’s take a look on the maths of that – 10,000 hours is approximately 417 days. If you devote 3 hours per day it would be approximately 3333 days or a little over 9 years…. are you willing to do that? Or do you give up when it doesn’t all happen straight away? Or try something new and then come back? The all or nothing approach! That’s the problem we face in this day and age – it’s the age that we expect things to happen, we think we are putting in the hard work, but do we actually have the staying power to see it through? I talk about it alot – THE COMPOUND EFFECT. Doing small positive purposeful actions daily will over time create an upward curve. Its like the added up hours of what you have been practicing all of a sudden cumulate and you take that big leap forward. For example let’s take a high jumper. You spend months over your winter training period, doing conditioning work, strength training, loading up plyometrics, improve your power output and elasticity, and also technically working on different cues to get the small wins on your performance. You may spend years, and I mean years working on all the positive small things, for only maybe what seem like the smallest marginal gains. You may of jumped your Personal Best in say 2011, then been working on these small changes, and growth in strength, and technical queues that will enable you to jump higher, then the next year you don’t physically jump higher in competition. You go back into your winter season another gruelling year, then the next summer you see a 1cm increase, you think whats the point? Is all this training worth it, then you remind yourself why you started, you do that winter, and push it to the max and ensure you leave no stone unturned, then all of a sudden you see a 4cm improvement that season, which is the difference between going and not going to a major championship! Imagine you stopped the year earlier in frustration?

What does your best performance look like? This is relatable to all industries and in many areas of your life, whether it’s as an athlete, a dancer, a business owner, a personal trainer, a marketing expert, a life coach….. the list goes on – but being THE best they can be at their chosen discipline looks different from them all but actually the small instrumental methods and techniques you use in the interim to get to your best performance actually don’t differ greatly based on fundamentals.

Growth is hard, because growth means you have to expand, you have to step out of your comfort zone and feel uncomfortable. Growth is where you make progression, improve your business, improve your performance. Growth is learning how to maximise what you are doing by listening, reading, talking and implementing what you Think is the best solution for you. Growth isn’t linear, is isn’t all singing and dancing roses and sunshine. BUT growth is where you will understand how to perform better, interact more efficiently, increase your capacity and adapt to the uncomfortable feeling of being out of the safety zone. Many give up in that zone, because the growth isn’t as easy and as linear as you hoped it would be… so what do you choose? To perform to your best capabilities and grow… or are you content with where you are at?

The choice is yours!

Practice being excellent at where YOU want to excel, and your excellence will become a habit!

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