Motivation: How do we get motivated and stay motivated?

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How do we get it? How do we keep it? How do we understand it? Something I have always been super interested in. Why do we have days where we literally CBA and other days where we are literally crushing it on every angles. What are the stimulus and what are the drivers? I’m going to dive into motivation, common myths, motivational drivers and how to maximise them, create a plan and get yourself motivated daily! I recorded this on the weekend with the intention of posting it at a time where as humans are notoriously low on motivation – mid morning on Wednesdays! Now I’m not perfect, there is days I struggle too. But I hope by understanding them more you can get yourself in a positive mindset and understand what is driving you. ••• As this is a long video I have broken down the below for you so you know where everything is. ••• What is motivation: 00.00 – 01.50 Misconceptions: 01.54 Motivational drivers: 03.04 How to get motivated: 07.19 Optimal Motivation: 12.57 If you don’t have time now: save it, share it and like it if this will help you and let me know your thoughts 💫 #motivation #optimal #mindset #businesscoach #worklife #business #motivationalthoughts

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