“You have brains in your head. You have feet in your shoes. You can steer yourself in any direction you choose. You’re on your own, and you know what you know. And you are the girl who’ll decide where to go.”

Dr Seuss

Direction… What is yours?

I’ve found recently a lot of us, well at least those I know, are trying to address what their direction is. With the added downtime to our lives it gives us more time for reflection and that is INCREDIBLE but it can also be extremely overwhelming. Overwhelming to the point that it causes panic. When times get tough, the natural instinct is to survive, and at the moment a lot of that survival is “keeping busy”, “staying active”, “being proactive” and so on. I put these in inverted commas because they are short term solutions. Keeping busy is a distraction method, staying active without a purpose is a distraction method, being proactive is trying to keep busy sometimes and so the cycle continues. Why I head this as direction as, distraction is great, it is comfortable, it numbs the pain for a short period of time, but the issue with distraction is that it doesn’t get to the solution.

I was listening to a great podcast the other day with Ferne Cotton and Vex King, and they were talking point of Vex’s book – your vibrations and how the vibrations you emit obviously effect your mood. So If you are vibrating on a certain level then it can complete alter your vibe. For example if you are stressed and your vibrations and “stressy”, you will probably bringing back stress as you emit stressful signals to those around you, which causes more stress. Identifying methods of how to deal with stress can be super helpful, and a lot of the time stress can come from a lack of direction in many different elements and with stress can bring anxiety. Right now it could be a lack of direction in money, it could be a lack of direction in your career, in your passion, in your fitness – whatever it is, it can cause stress, which may me mean you are just vibrating on the wrong level.

What is it at the moment that you are thinking about most? Are you using a distraction method? Or are you being productive with your downtime and utilising in a positive manner? What normally happens in survival mode is we all go crazy survival, start doing everything under the sun to avoid the thing that stresses you the most and then you are distracted from that for a while, until you can no longer hide from it. A really good way I find on day to day to connect with my direction is book ending my days. I came across this method a few years ago in a book by Darren Hardy called the compound effect. He talks about how book ending and doing small simplistic positive things daily, over a long period of time have a compounded positive effect… FACT. Let’s use an example in fitness: So you start running. Lets picture it: Week 1… you set out to try and run a 5k…. but you get to 2k and you are really struggling. So you take a little walk breather, then you do another 500m, little walk and then do that until you get to the end. Next week you do the same but you manage to get to 3k before you need to do that. You consistently build this up and all of a sudden in 8 weeks you have run 10km without stopping… because you have just bitten of small chunks daily and weekly and been consistent. Its the same with your work and your career. Creating routines and habits, it takes 21 days to adapt, 42 to consolidate and 63 to master. So why do we give up in week 2? Small consistent positive steps daily equal massive results in 60 days, in 180 days, in 1 year for example if you just read 10 pages a day – thats 3650 extra pages of knowledge you would know this time next year… CRAZY right.

I digress as per usual.. So Book Endings. Book ending your days, by having small routines that start and complete your day, and helping you reflect and calming it all down, no matter what has happened. Make them small, make them manageable. For me reading 10 pages a day really helps me focus in the morning, it doesn’t take long, but I like to get up, make my breakfast, drink a glass of water and read my 10 pages – nice and chilled start to the day. My worst nightmare is rushing so I always prefer to get up early and start my day relaxed. That usually follows by exercise, but I am getting better at listening to my body, so I always have Plan A and Plan B depending on how my body feels. Then I normally write out what needs to be completed that day, prioritise in order and that includes work and play, then at the end of the day just spend 5 minutes reflecting, normally talking to my other half about everything in that day and then planning my next day. It doesn’t take long and its very rewarding. But this process helps me focus and stay on track. It helps me plan the next step, helps me breakdown any anxiety I have over that day because I’ve made it manageable and maybe it can help you too.

So what’s your direction?
How are you going to bookend your days to create that focus?

Key things:

  • Make it sustainable
    • There is no point in creating a bookend thats going to be unsustainable daily. I have the option if I am going to struggle for time I listen to an audiobook for 10 minutes – especially making sure I do this once I go back to work. I feel something to help you engage your brain is important.
  • Write down what you need to do and prioritise
    • And No don’t go for the easy option – actually prioritise. Some tasks take less time but that doesn’t mean they need to be done first. Break it down step by step. Have you ever read the book the 1 thing? It talks about taking your list all the way down to the 1 thing you need to focus on for that period of time – so for the next hour what is the 1 thing you are going to focus on.
  • Do something that makes you feel good – if thats going for a run, maybe writing a blog, journaling, exercising, yoga, cleaning – whatever it is do it.
  • If you find yourself feeling overwhelmed Go back to step number 1!
    • Make it sustainable – what can you remove, or what doesn’t need to be done right now and what can you do that will make you feel brighter and vibrate on a better level.

As Dr Seuss says above, you are the master of your direction. You wear the shoes, wherever you want to go you can, you can steer yourself in any direction you want… so what do you choose?

I’ve missed writing so much, and I hope this blog helps you.
Head over to my instagram for my IGTV that talks more about this too.

All my love,
Jayne xx

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