And then you came along, and my life become beautiful….

It’s been a long time since I last wrote here… a period of growth, understanding, learning, believing, breathing and embracing the moments as they happen. Honest truth, I lost my creative flow in June, couldn’t quite see how I could add value or was adding value, which meant I was just grabbing for attention – hence my radio silence, reflection, and actually getting focused on what is my purpose on here and what is my purpose on social. I spent the summer instead of posting every moment of life, just trying to live in the moment, appreciate those around me, smash my goals without shouting about them, appreciate me, my time, what I wanted to do in my life. To the ladies that follow me and some of the guys, after a couple of years of turbulence in dating, I took 6 months out and out of no where my Prince Charming appeared. I have truly had the most amazing period of knowing life is what you make it, embrace it, appreciate it and most important actually LIVE it… shortest blog ever BUT as of now Jayne is back… I’ve missed you all.

Jayne x