Don’t want to waste another day

Don’t want to waste another day

Life is 10% of what happens to us and 90% of how we react to it…. so when life gives you lemons you need to make lemonade. What this means is we are all going to get situations that are chucked at us and are not in our control of happening… For example at some point in your life your car will break down, you will walk into a room of people and feel uncomfortable, you will experience heart ache, you will experience death, you will experience new life too, you will have to work with negative people or you will miss you bus and it then starts to rain! Wowsers the worst but what you can control is how you react to it! When your car breaks down – is the whole world ending too, or do you logically think about it and think strategically about how to get the car back on the road, and then do you go onto thinking further well there was a reason this happened… what is it teaching you? Why did you get your flat tyre? Were you rushing? Did you hit a kerb? When you walk into a room of new people and feel uncomfortable how do you react? Do you go into your shell and retreat? Do you automatically think they are judging you? OR do you just own it! When was the last time you experienced heart ache… wowsers it really can be the worst pain… The worst I have ever felt was. only about 9 months ago where It literally felt like someone had ripped my heart out my chest… almost like a mourning which seemed so far fetched and shook me so much…. BUT I used to to help empower me to focus on making me happy! The thing is all the time things will happen to us, ALWAYS, every day – but how do you wake up and smell the coffee? What is it you are going to do today that’s going to make you react better? Remember you have an impact on everybody you meet! Yes everybody! Everyone you cross paths with on a day to day basis will be influenced and impacted by you… so what is the impact you want to leave? Positivity and enthusiasm, encouragement and excitement or just plain bland boring, negative moaning Minnie? The best compliment I have ever had was someone telling me they felt happy around my aura because it shone with positivity and happiness – how nice is that!

Think of these 4 things: Trigger, Feeling, Behaviour and Outcome.

What triggers your mood, the situation or whatever is about to happen… for example the weather! Its a gorgeous Monday morning, the skies are blue, the sun is beaming and everything is merry, apart from the fact it is 2 degrees Celsius outside… Scenario one: You focus on the sunshine and blue skies and tell everyone what a beautiful morning is it… the sun is shining, the birds are singing, gorgeous scene with frost ridden ground and crisp fresh air…. you share this positivity with another and they look at it from another perspective. Scenario two: The sun is shining and skies are blue but all you worry about is the fact that its 2 degrees Celsius and you are freezing you absolute buttocks off and couldn’t give a flying rats arse to whether it was sunny or not you JUST want it to br summer ran d w arm again…. but will probably then continue to moan that in the summer its too hot or its raining. Wow well hello Negative Nancy… I know the person I would rather be around!!

Which leads us onto Feeling
Lets look at our scenarios above – straight away you can see exactly which person is about to have a better day… and why because its all about how they see things, their perspective and outlook on things! Focus on the sunshine, it will bring you light, they will bring you light!

Leading onto behaviour
Which behaviour is going to have a more positive impact on those around them? Scenario 1! You might have a little giggle at it and think yes but dear is is still freezing cold.. yes it is but now you are focusing on the sunshine and the blue skies it takes away the element of the focus being on the cold and we all have a much brighter mood, happier outcome and more positive behaviour. Scenario 2 is going to leave you there thinking… wow its freezing, I may aswell lock myself away and miss the beauty of the day, because there is no beauty in being cold…. Do you know what guys and girls someone times you just need to dance in the rain, feel the cold and embracer the moments.

As you have guessed by now the outcome for scenario 1 is a positive happy fulfilling day…. the outcome for scenario 2 is spreading negativity and unhappiness to all those around them

Moral being… lets start looking at things with what the trigger is… As we know 10% of what we get challenged with is out of our control… but WE are in control of 90% of how we react… infact you are in control of 100%! SO whatever you are doing this week ask your self: how can I change this into a positive? How can I control this behaviour in a positive light? Lets shine, inspire and motivate others to do the same.

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