Healing Your Skin through healing your mind, body and soul!

Healing Your Skin through healing your mind, body and soul!

Stress…. we all know and understand what stress is and there is an undeniable fact that the world we live in is becoming increasingly stressful and our capabilities to cope become increasingly pressurised. Moving to London for me increased that stress with the stress also was combined with a new about of pollution and dirt in the air, and a lack of sleep…. my skin could not cope anymore. I had blemished from the pollution and stress of London already but then a coeliac reaction at the end of July caused my skin to take a huge downward spiral and my health.

As posted on Instagram on Monday – The top is my skin now and below is my skin 7 months ago…. here are the causes:

  • Heightened stress – Leading to lower immune system
  • Poor Sleep
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Make Up Change to Natural
  • Pollution
  • Dirt in Air
  • Harsh Water
  • Coeliac Reaction


How have I got my skin back to this?

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