Battling The Space in Your Head

We are coming up to Eating Disorder Awareness Week next week and I am running a POWER phase next week where I want to help you guys turn vulnerability into Power. Being vulnerable isn’t a weakness it is a power because the capability to grow from showing vulnerability and to show strength is unreal. I have been speaking over quite a few gigs the last couple of months on mental health and eating disorders. One of the main reasons a lot of people do not admit mental health problems or eating disorders is due to showing weakness and vulnerability. By stating it you expect people to think you are weak…. but do you know what people look to you for strength especially when you grow and grow and grow! It doesn’t mean that you don’t have days and phases that you start to doubt and punish yourself BUT you learn to manage those days and turn your vulnerability into power.

I have taken a few days away from social media to clear my head and refocus on me. My life has been so crazy busy since new year with lots of amazing things happening I feel I have lost me a little. I am spending a few days just getting my brain and body back in gear. Reason being that when life gets super stressful for me, my brains chemical balance causes massive anxiety for me which makes me doubt every thing about myself – my abilities, how I look, how I feel and it causes me to punish myself. I know that when times become like this I just need to take a big breathe and step back and remove myself from the world of media and get myself back to superwoman

Here are my top 5 tips to help you find your superwoman again:

1: Take Some Time Out to Reflect

2: Focus on what makes you feel good and do things that make you happy

3: Spend time planning out your timings and what’s in the weeks ahead so you can focus

4: Spend time with people who only bring out the best in you

5: DeClutter – your living space, friendship groups and wardrobe. Make sure you only have positivity in your life.

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