A Poem For Hope

When you feel the world giving up on you
Believe in Yourself

When you feel your doubt kicking in on your dreams
Believe in Yourself

When you face rejection in Love and relationships and question why?
Believe in Yourself

When you fear what lies ahead ride the wave and
Believe in Yourself

When You Tire From Your Journey and the road seems long
Dig deep and believe in yourself

When You Don’t Know The Next Steps to your journey

Learn to discover yourself

When you feel misunderstood and alone
Keep Discovering Yourself

When You Feel Like No One Cares
Learn to Love Yourself

Jayne Nisbet x

Belief, Discovery and Love are your 3 greatest Assets to achieving your dreams. 
Just remember you are constantly levelling up. In Love if you leave someone behind its because they aren’t willing to level up with you, your dreams and goals should encourage you to level up and BY levelling up you will help inspire others to do the same.

Belief: Your Belief in Yourself will always be questioned. If you keep learning and discovering yourself your belief system for yourself and what you want will keep growing. INvest in Yourself. Take owness of when someone laughs at your goals because they are too big – EMBRACE it – Take IT and laugh back because Its better to have a MASSIVE goal and challenge your comfort zones that staying still.

Discovery: Your Own Discovery of Whom TRULY Are is YOUR SuperPower – KEEP discovering YOU and what you want in life.

Love & Relationships: Should add value you to your life not take away. When you feel someone taking away from your happiness you need to address or remove. You are a team. What the other person lacks you make up for and you work together to create harmony and chase your goals together.

Believe in the Journey, 
Discover Who You Are,
And LOVE yourself unconditionally.

We have one Life – Give it Your Best Shot.

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