Undeniably You

Undeniably You

Sorry guys I haven’t blogged in a few weeks it’s been mega busy BUT I am back! Touching on the topic of being undeniably you! We all get so caught up in being the person we think everyone else wants us to be that sometimes we forget who we are and what we want. On the flip side conversations I’ve had with so many people since releasing my book about perceptions of being scared of getting hurt and automatically assuming someone is going to hurt you because you act a specific way. I won’t deny that I have been guilty of automatically assuming as soon as someone gets to know me that they will automatically end up hurting me because that’s what’s happened in the past. I have spent so much time over the past 12 months working on my ability to not panic and accept if someone doesn’t accept you for you then it’s okay. It means that that person isn’t your person and that’s okay, it isn’t a reflection of you at all, it is just you don’t vibe at the same level. Everyone at some level panics. Goodness I was speaking to one of my students last week and she was asking for help in confidence as I seem so strong. I explained I have learnt to be this way through putting myself out there, facing rejection, gaining strength and really learning to workout who I am and what I want. Knowing what you bring to the table is so vital if you want to attract in what you want. I have the issue that I am an incredibly strong personality but I also have this incredible sincere and caring side and sometimes when someone gets close that side of me petrifies the other person because I have a very diverse personality. So what I am bringing to you tonight is to say let’s start being undeniably you. Your complete self – expressing you as you as how you love and want to be! Then you can start attracting in the right people to your life that are going to lift you higher and help you realise how amazing you are. Here are my top 3 tips to start learning and discovering you:


Ive spoken a lot about reflection in the past but it really is vital to enable you to grow as a person. If you aren’t reflecting daily how can you expect to grow? Reflecting on your day- things that made you feel good. Things that made you feel sad, things you achieved, things you are proud of, situations and scenery that you found beauty it. It is usually the simple things that make you smile the most. Notice the places you were and the people you were with.


Most people never take time to indulge in self discovery. Put yourself in situations that challenge your comfort zones. See how you react. Tackle your biggest fears and step up your game. If you want to travel get out there and do it. If you want to learn a new skill – sign up to the course – firstly you never know who you might meet. By challenging your comfort zone and putting yourself into places you want to be you will attract the right people into your life.


Honestly intuition is key to your life. But your intuition can’t be in tune if you aren’t implementing the first 2 steps. Meditation, self development, reflection, discovery and fulfilment all help you tap into your intuition. Intuition is your strongest asset. Start learning to listen to you and not what everyone else says. Trust your self, be yourself and learn to be undeniably you 💜

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