Be The Change You Want to See in the World

Be The Change You Want to See in the World

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Ghandi once said: “Become The Change You Wish to See in the World” which ressonates and resounds so clear with me in regards to my outlook on life. Let’s not deny it, everyone has things they go through, but the ones who fight through despite potentially the world crumbling around them are the ones we gain strength from, the people we look at and think wow, “I want to be able to be like that”. I had similar feelings, which is why I wrote my book: Free-ed. I used to pray for my mind and my body to look at myself in the mirror and be happy with what was standing there, for my mind to stop tormenting me that I wasn’t perfect, that if I could just portray happiness within myself to the outside world, that I could be one of these people whos’ smiles shined brighter than anyone elses because I installed hope and inspiration to others. Then I realised – “but Jayne you need to work this out for yourself”. As Arielle Ford says,

When you truely love yourself, you are no longer willing to compromise your standards, because you value your happiness too much.

This is a very powerful and very true quote. Alot of us hold onto things in our life that cause up negative feedback and negative feelings. Why? Because it is safe. It is safe to feel like that, it is easier to live like that in that moment than making a change. It is easier because you stay hidden in the background not embracing who you are and who you REALLY want to be. Let me ask you a question right now:

Are you TRUELY being TRUE to yourself 24/7?


If your answer is no – then we need to start identifying and working out who you REALLY Truely are and then express yourself that way being 100% comfortable in you! My new book Free-ed helps you identify what is stopping you be your true self and we work through a step by step guide together on how to help you embrace your true self!
This is available for order on October 16th 2017

But for Friday here is 3 steps to start embracing your true self and be your best version:

  • Identify Who And When You Feel Most Yourself
    • When you are most happy in yourself identify who you are around, how do you feel, where are you when you feel like that and who are you at that moment? For me – at school I never really felt like I fit in, but when I was training or around my athletics circle I felt completely at ease and myself. Only surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you not the stress in you. Once you start doing this you won’t accept anything less
  • Start Accepting AND Embracing Your Quirky Ways
    • Don’t listen to negative influences. If you met me a couple of years back, I used to be told I am so embarassing, I needed to remember where I was, and that I was unlovable because I was so head strong and driven. After removing that negativity from my life and a WHOLE journey of self discovery, I am TRUELY myself 24/7 embracing all quirks, all embarassingness, to truely be who I am. If someone doesn’t accept it, it is more than likely that I also find them awkward to be around. What is the saying “Your vibe attracts your tribe and when you find your tribe love them hard.” You need to start accepting that you don’t need to fit in, you were born to be your UNIQUE self. If you truely are YOU you attract other like minded people into your life. These people will be truely your friends, your soulmates and the correct people that are only going to lift you higher in your life.
  • Remind Yourself its not you, its them
    • When you find yourself doubting, KEEP reminding yourself, a reflection on how someone treats you is their insecurities with themselves not you. REMIND yourself if they don’t vibe with you they aren’t your tribe. If you can’t be truely yourself around someone they aren’t the right person for you to be around.

This Fri-YAY I want you to EMBRACE every single little part of you and remind yourself –

Be The Change YOU want to see in the world and Shine Your Light

Free-ed is available for Print Order on October 16th 2017

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