It’s not about me!

It’s not about me!

You have all heard the phrase it’s not you it’s me right? This is a very very true phase – but a phrase that needs to be adapted towards someone elses anger/frustrations/hurt/words/sabotage towards you – “It’s not about me – it’s them”. Today I want you to realise and accept that some people aren’t going to get you, like you or even want to be around you. Some people will find you HIGHLY annoying, not understand your path, criticise you, cut you down, treat you badly – why? It’s about them not about you! This is a concept a lot of people struggle to understand. With “beYOUtiful U” I am trying to help YOU as a person understand and be truely YOU. How many times have you been feeling unbelievable, truely happy, content and in control of your life then someone comes along and very quickly cuts you down and brings you back to question your life, your morals, yourself, who you are? It happens all the time!! I have lots of conversations with individuals and clients that I always are reminding and get them to think about the situation from the other persons side. When someone treats you as if you are an option – its because they treat themselves as an afterthought – YOU need to have the strength to show YOURself that you are not an afterthought so you are not brought down to their level. When someone condemns your ideas – YOU need to remember that they are YOUR ideas, at least your are making YOUR ideas, in YOUR life, trying to create YOUR life, not theirs, and then think maybe what is happening in theirs that they want to bring yours down – do they not enjoy their job? Are they going through a tough time? Are they struggling to find their path in life? Okay I will be honest with you now – once you start looking at life this way it will change your whole outlook – have you ever heard of the phrase: “you never know someones story be kind always?” It is very very true. So here is my key points to not allow someone elses insecurities to allow inner doubt in yourself:

  1. Everyweek refocus and check you are still on the right path
    • Checking your life path, checking your goals are aligning up to where you want to go, checking that you know you are making the correct steps on your journey will help enable you to say STOP! No negative self talk, I know I am on my journey, this is their self doubt not mine.
  2. Positive reinforcements daily
    • Do one thing daily that you know makes you feel amazing about yourself, whether thats doing positive affirmations, going to the gym, meditation, something that makes you refocus and recharge your brain, your soul, your mind so if someone comes at you with negativity you have your positivity sheild on.
  3. Remember everyones got a story
    • This is one of the big ones – remember everyones got a story. If someone is rude, negative, abrupt, unaccepting of you, YOU do not know what is going on in their life. Be kind, be patient and be the bigger person. Actually say to yourself, “it’s not me, it’s them” and then remember for the next time you bump into them, ask them are they okay? You never know what your response will be.
  4. “Pay Attention To The People Who Don’t Clap When You Win
    • In my book “Free-ed” I talk about looking at your bus, your journey and who is on your journey with you. I love this phrase pay attention to the people who don’t clap when you win. REMOVE envious people out of your life. All envious people will do is bring you down and discourage you from achieving your goals. I have been in a situation in my life before that I was in a relationship where we were toxic for each other. Whenever I was in a good place, things were going well, the other person in this relationship would call me unreachable, make me feel bad for things going well, and make me feel like I didn’t deserve it, and bring me to a place where I would then be SO low that I needed support. DON’T ALLOW PEOPLE TO BRING YOU DOWN. Remove these people INSTANTLY. Anyone who makes you feel like your not worthy, that you are too much effort, that you are strange, bizarre – You don’t need this negativity in your life. You will find friends, partners and people who accept you WHOLLY as YOUR complete self. This is a journey you need to embark on.


So from today – recognise these key points in your life. Smile more, spread kindness, radiate positivity and remember YOU ARE AWESOME just the way you are.

be YOUR own kind of beYOUtiful

In your own weird, wonderful and colourful way – so you attract in your true tribe.


FREE-ED: Stop self Sabotage and start living your life again
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