Health, Happiness & Healing 

A lot of people talking about healing yourself and by doing this it will enable you to open up to others. I am a great believer in healing. By gosh I have spent most of my adult life trying to heal. If you are a born worrier you will spend ALOT of time healing yourself. But what is healing yourself? Healing yourself is enabling yourself to cut out everything that doesn’t add to your highest value and your highest self. 

What is your highest self? This is the version of you that doesn’t allow negative influences to affect your confidence, your happiness, your value of yourself, your smile, your day to day living. Healing is having the power that no mater what is chucked your way, you can handle it. 

It takes time to heal, you need to allow yourself to take time out, reflect on life, be peaceful, be calm, mediate, read, indulge yourself in self discovery to whom and what you want in your life. 

Once you have healed then you will exhilarate health and happiness 💞

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