Power of Reflection

Reflection… What is it? Everyone keeps hearing be reflection, be grateful, show gratitude, spread love, be happy, be positive!! To some people they fully view this as utter garbage… “why should we refelect? Why show gratitude? Why read a book? Why develop yourself? Why live in the moment?”

We do live in a bit of a world of those who are synical and non believing of the power of gratitude, reflection and positive practice… but don’t knock it until you have tried it and honestly I am not here to preach about it, but give it 30 days and you will notice some MASSIVE changes to your mind, your attitude and your life…. SO lets have a look.

What you think you become, what you feel you attract, what you imagine you create? The wise words of the Budha… How many of you look at this quote and think – what a pile of rubbish? Think about why? Is it that you are trying to avoid a situation you haven’t dealt with? You are scared to open yourself up to being more spiritual in your approach to life? Keep telling yourself you don’t have time? Telling yourself life is fantastic so why do I need to reflect?

How do you know where you are in your life if you dont reflect? You would do it at work… so why not in your own bubble?

I am here to look at the power of reflection, how to reflect and how to create a happier, more positive enviroment in the space in your head. The power of reflection for me for life purposes only really came to me when I started reading the Slight Edge  by Jeff Olson. I had lost my vibe with life, and purpose and I neeed to take a step back and reflect on some massive events and changes that had happened within the previous 15 months that I had just blown over and powered through thinking I was indestructable. I am not kidding you… 2 years that book sat on my shelf – a gift from a friend that told me about how I should do self reflection and reading this book would change my life…. WELL… it did! I have never ever been much of a reader, my mum now laughs at me as you will never catch me going anywhere without some sort of self development book. But what this book opened me up too was how I could generate and maximise my slight edge. I have always lived a life of almosts, putting everyone else before myself, having a kind heart and really being viewed as pretty weak and a pushover. I had got to a point that I just thought I don’t want to let anyone else control my thoughts, and around about this time I seen Tony Robbins in London at a success resources event and I remember his words so clearly… “ONLY YOU CAN ALLOW WHAT SOMEONE SAYS TO AFFECT YOU.” When I really thought about it, he was 100000% totally correct. We chose how we react to situations, to people, to criticism, to other peoples thoughts, issues and we always all worry what other people think… but what does it actually matter? I ordered myself a happiness planner  and start working my way through my 100 day challenge. For me visual aids are much better, you don’t need to go and buy some fancy book, but honestly I can tell you this little planner has been a god send to me and it is such a useful tool to help guide you too.

My guide to Reflection:

Each Sunday or Monday depending on what day of the week you start (Monday or Tueday) and look at firstly how was the previous week for you? What went well? What went not so well? What do you want to change?  Then look at what is ahead of you that week. What you have to look forward too? What things that excite you are ahead? What do you want to achieve by the end of that week?

Take 10 minutes – THAT IS ALL – 10 minutes (which is time if you are sitting in front of the tele to use doing your reflection – if you can’t take those 10 minutes out of your tele time you need to evaluate how much you want out of your life). Look at the above and then I want you to just plan briefly a rough plan daily of what you want to achieve for that week. This is a great set up to help you evauluate what you have ahead of you and your goals with life. This could even be down to menial tasks if theres a habit you want to change of preparing your food the night before, or tidying the dishes away before you go to bed.

Daily Reflection:

The next book I read the Compound Effect – Darren Hardy, Talked about the power of consistency and book ending your days. I thought this is a brilliant idea. This provides structure to your day no matter what has happened in the middle section at least you can bring comfort to what you do in the beginning and the end. For 10 – 15 minutes in the morning (yes this might mean getting up 15 minutes earlier) read 10 pages of a good motivational, self development based book or listen to an audio book if you are not much of a reader. WHY? This sets your mindset up for the day- what you are feeding your brain is positivity, hope, calmness, peace and this sets your thoughts up for the day. I want you to also remind yourself that YOUR thoughts are only controlled by YOU! Then write down 3 – 5 things that you are looking forward too that day.

In the evening spend again 10 – 15 minutes reflection on your day. Firstly  write down 1 thing you are grateful for that day – it only needs to be one thing. Then reflect by writing what went well that day and what could you of changed, then what you are looking forward too tomorrow. Why is this important? This sets your brain into a period of calm. The brain gets a change to get thoughts and feelings down, which is going to get them out of your brain onto paper and in other words help you sleep better. It is also a great way if something hasn’t gone so well, and it is frustrating you or causing you to feel angry, GET IT DOWN, RANT ALL you need too and then you can take some time to reflect on what you feel you need to do to rectify the situation. Is this situation within your control or is it outwith your control? Then ask yourself What is the point in getting yourself worked up over a situation that you cannot control.

This week take some time 10 minutes at either the beginning or end of your day to integrate some form of reflection into your life. I am not telling you to go full leap and take 30 minutes a day to complete, but slowly start creating a habit. Another blog I have written talks about habit changing and integration or new habits into your life. It takes 30 days to create a habit, 60 days to consolidate it and 90 days for the habit to become a normal part of your routine. Why not for the next 30 days commit to reflection in your day? Honestly, I know 100% you will see an improvement in your life, your relationships and yourself.

Jayne xx

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