The Importance of Planning

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Everyone has heard of the quote:

“Fail to Prepare  Prepare to Fail”

Why is this the most true thing anyone could tell you? A Plan is something you prepare, state your objectives whether for that day, week, month, year. It is your stance that this is what you want to achieve, and psychologically by putting them down, stating your goals and to dos, you will more likely plan to complete them. Firstly lets talk about a goal. Goals are things that you want to achieve, something rightnow means you are not where you goal target is. In order to get from your current place to your goal place requires a plan. Its as simple as getting a bus from A – B. I have recently moved to London and currently daily, I need to plan all my journeys in advanced through breaking each day down from a – z. Time it takes to get to station one, length of time on the train to station b, then distance and time across platforms etc etc. That is a plan: “an intention or decision about what one is going to do.”

What time of planning can we have?

We can go into so much detail on the different types of plans, the different lengths, smart goal settings. But today I want to focus on long term goal setting and creating a plan. Lets be honest most people who need to embark on a BIG health journey find it a bit daunting, we all do, no matter what we are embarking on. Everybody just wants to go from a – b within 1 day… unfortunately that just doesn’t happen. We need to break it down, plan it out, and this will help relax your mind, and help you focus on your plan to get to your destination. I am pretty honest with people. All my clients would agree, when someone come to me and says I want to lose 2 stone in 1 month… I am like, “I love how ambitious you are, but this isn’t realistic, lets focus on losing 8 lbs in month 1, a further 8lbs in month 2 and a further 8lbs in month 3.” This is a relastic and achievable goal, that you are less likely to give up on because it is realistic.

Lets take your long term goal:
For this example we will use 12 months

Your 12 month goal is your long term/ Annual goal which we call you macrocycle. This is your annual 12 month plan that will be broken down into 4 – 12 micro cycles. Why is it really useful to use the macrocycle layout is to help you plan in recovery and looking at your peak phases that you want to target. SO I am going to take this away from a sport focused cycle and put it into fitness and weight loss.

Your Goal for 12 months could be (FOR EXAMPLE):

In 12 months time I want to – Run 10km under 50 minutes, I want to have lost 2 dress sizes and make better health choices through habit changes. These are your ultimate goals. In a non fitness setting you could put it business goals, life goals etc etc.

Now think about by this day next year I want to….. (Write them down)

Your meso goals we are going to bring down to 4 week goals. These are your interim goals and they may vary month to month dependent on how well you achieve each macro cycle. You would plan each 4/8 weeks with a rough weekly layout of the month plan of how you are going to achieve your goals. So it is more of an overview:

  • Each day highlighted with what you want to do
  • Each week with a goal target for that week
  • Breakdown of the overall sessions and what they are
  • How you are going to measure progression

Then we would break this down into your microcycle:

Exactly what you would be doing each week and the exact detail of what you would be doing.

For Example:
Monday I do a 5 mile run in the morning + Interval session in the evening

  • This is to keep my milage high
  • My sessions would be laid out:
    • 5 mile run steady pace, recovery run.
    • 7 minute 45 pace – 8 minute 30 pace
  • My interval session For example:
    • 1 mile warm up Steady
    • 3 x 800m @ 5:15 – 5:45 pace with 2 minute jog recovery
    • 4 minute recovery
    • Repeat above
    • 1 Mile cool down

As you can see, the more detailed the plan, the more focused you can be, the more likely you are going to achieve your goals. Psychologically you want to achieve it, physically its broken down so it is achievable and thirdly with all this preperation you can relax and know as long as you follow the steps you will reach your destination. Voila! It is literally like piecing together parts of a puzzle and following the yellow brick road.

I want you now to think about what your 12 month goal is: write it down.

What is realistic for you to achieve within the next 4 weeks?

If you were to break it down for 12 months which is 12 meso cycles working BACK from your goal date, where would you need to be at the end of each meso to enable you to achieve your goal. Write it down.

From there I want you to look at your microcycle… the next 7 days – what are you going to do over the next 7 days that will enable you and help you to reach your goal of 4 weeks?

This can be a fun exercise but remember everything needs to be SMART:






Lets start planning your future now ❤

Jayne xx

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