The beYOUtiful U

Welcome to my new blog: the beYOUtiful U!

Firstly a little bit about my background….


I’m Jayne – I was a commonwealth games high jumper and advocate for body image awareness and self-love within yourself. I opened up and shared my battles of body image and disordered eating to become an ambassador for helping others overcome this mental illness and start living a life without self-doubt and self-hate.


Why I am launching beYOUtiful U and why I am such an advocate for self-development, self-love and positive body image is that I know that you can get from a very dark place and turn your life around. Now I am not going to lie, it isn’t going to happen overnight, it won’t take a week, a month, it will take a lot of hard work and determination, but do you want to live your life the way you currently live it? OR do you want to live your life happier, healthier and more fulfilled.

My book free’ed will be launched later this year in an attempt to help others with mental health problems and body dysmorphic issues to overcome their fears of freedom and start living their lives again to the fullest… do you want that to be you? Whether you are wanting motivation, whether you are struggling with body image, whether you are wanting to get fitter, whether you are wanting to learn to love YOU for YOU, whatever your meaning of being beYOUtiful is this blog is for you. This is your time to start living your life of freedom, strength and for yourself on your terms!

Take a moment now to think:

What does being beYOUtiful feel like to you? How can you imagine your life like if you felt completely and utterly at ease with yourself and knew you were doing all you could to be living your most fulfilling life yet?

Remember this and start following this blog with me, Jayne Nisbet – your personal trainer, life coach, and fashion insider towards designing your life the way you want to live it. Ian45


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