The Positive Tetris Effect

The Positive Tetris Effect

Mindset is such a massive and influential part of life that most people underestimate its power.  Think about moments in your day where you either choose in a split decision to be happy or to be sad. I came across the Tetris effect recently while reading “The Happiness Advantage” by Shawn Achor, and it really resonated with me that the way our brains are wired and trained to view things massively impacts your thought outcome. He uses examples of the Tetris effect, which is the game where little blocks drop from the top of the screen and you have to manoeuvre and scan the screen so they fit into a gap at the bottom and with this, you score points. This is similar to how our brains work, as we go throughout days we scan our environment looking where we can fill out thought processes and we either place a positive thought or a negative thought into that space. For example, lawyers are trained to find criticisms in their opposing candidate which will enable their client to win. They are used to finding things wrong and scanning an environment for things that are wrong, this overflows into their life. Again an athlete is so used to being competitive and finding competitive environments and this again can overflow into their relationships causing massive issues. The same way is though we can retrain our brain to look for positive gaps and positive outcomes for those spaces and thoughts in our mind. If you take a step back and analyse from the top of the screen the longer the time you have to fill that gap. Let’s all try this today, start looking for positive gaps in our life, positive outcomes, positive motivation. We all have the power to re-train our thoughts, and the only person in control of your thoughts is you, As Tony robbins says, “you have the power in a split second decision if you want to allow a situation to negatively affect you or positively affect you.” Today let’s choose positive. Have a happy Friday and be beYOUtiful today. #beyoutifulwarriors

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