Being beYOUtiful: Love You

Being beYOUtiful: Love You

As I am excitedly on my way to my first ever The Best You Expo, I felt the need to write a wee blog about what “beYOUtiful U” means. Someone messaged me the other day thanking me for my work towards helping people develop self love. This is entirely what beYOUtiful U means. Why have I started working towards this?

As you go through life, you hit peaks and troughs all the time – its inevitable! Even the most powerful, and most positive and focused people in the world do – its part of life. But what seperates people is how they respond and react to it. What is the difference between those who achieve great success and those that don’t? It’s how the react to failure. I have been to listen and engage with a couple of the top speakers in my industry now, and learning and understanding where they have come from. Each and every single one has a story from utter despair to rising up and achieving brilliance! It wasn’t given to them on a  plate. But its not through just sheer guts and determination, the resounding link between them all, is they all found and realised that only through self love and self happiness that you will ever find contentment and peace in your life, and this will enable you to achieve greatness. “beYOUtiful U” is targetted towards anyone who has wants to change their lives, who maybe at the moment find themselves struggling with accepting who they are, or feel someone is holding them back from being their best self, or you are a little lost with where you are going in your life. The #warriormovement is to help enable us all as a tribe to help you develop and create self love. Your Vibe attracts your tribe as they say. Everyone is going to attract different people in to your life. What I want to create is acceptance that yes not everyone is going to like you and not everyone is going to get you, and enable you to go: thats okay! Because usually you don’t get them either, and thats okay too it just means you are not vibing on the same level. By developing and absolutely 100% adoring who you are in your full glory will enable you to stop self doubt in these situations. It will mean that you can express yourself, be fully comfortable in your own skin and beYOUtiful in YOUR OWN WAY. Remember no one else can be you, tell you who you are or control you! ONLY you! Go and shine today and remember to be beYOUtiful.


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