Redefining You

Redefining You

“If you knew me based on who I was a year ago… you don’t know me at all. My growth game is strong… Allow me to reintroduce myself”


Yesterday I was out running a 22 mile run.. yes 22 miles – I promise you during this run I questioned some life choices that got me to this point… But I am running my first ever marathon in 5 weeks time in Rome… very exciting – firstly I have nevr been to Rome so that is TRES exciting and secondly marathon – one off the bucketlist.

BUT this has been much harder than originally anticipated. Firstly you may question why on earth did you sign up for a marathon? A high jumper converted runner – a marathon is a completely utter different kettle of fish.

In September last year, after a year of health struggles, I really took a step back and said okay wow where is your life going. I had created an absolutely hectic lifestyle saying yes to absolutely everything apart from taking care of me. I was so driven and determined to take over the world I forgot about the key product…. ME. How can I take over the world If I am not looking after the product itself – my health, my wellness and my happiness. So while cursing my way round the last 4 miles of this 22 mile run yesterday questioning why I was doing this… for “fun” haha, I reflected on the last 12 months. IMG_3032.JPG

This was my leg 1 year ago yesterday…. yesterday I completed a 22 mile run. This time last year I could barely even walk nevermind run. In my last 4 struggling miles I thought this is so slow…. whereas on reflection I am so so grateful that I have been able to build myself back up to where I am. But the in between stuff of whats been going on since I retired from competitive high jumping has hampered my running improvements. Again alot of it to do with what I put my body through when I was severely ill with bulimia and anorexia.

In September last year, after breaking my knee, then being diagnosed with coeliacs disease, a kidney infection 4 weeks later, which took 2 doses of antibiotics to rid, followed by tonsilitis and then CFS, I looked at my life and thought WOW. Only you can change this, and only you can get some focus. Firstly – my health and my mind – if they aren’t healthy, how can you achieve greatness… I am going to put this out there you can’t. When I designed the concept of Your Best Version – it was with the true intention that everyone has the best version inside of them, that is in 5 areas of happiness:

  • Mind
  • Body
  • Soul
  • Nutrition
  • Lifestyle

These areas were all areas that you needed to have a happy balance in to enable true success and true happiness. My balance had got COMPLETELY out of kilter. I was so driven and wanted to earn money, while lavishly flinging money away on partying and looking good I had completely lost concept of what my life purpose was: to inspire and create hope in others that they can be whoever they want to be. SO I decided to book a marathon – as you do, this is normal behaviour for me now (my friends are used to it) and I also booked a skydive on the same day. I honestly think most people thought I was having a nervous breakdown haha – I think I have now proven I wasn’t. Since retiring from competitive sport, I had a year where I really built myself back up and refound a passion in running, breaking my knee basically took away my identity again – I had completely lost what my mission was. I thought, a marathon, that is a proper challenge, If I can build back up and do that I LITERALLY can do anything. A Skydive I thought If I can raise money and help save a few peoples lives and jump out of a plane completely out of my comfort zone, thats another step forward in strength and hope. I am not going to be the worlds fastsest marathon runner, but If I can raise hope in anyone of you out there, that don’t believe in their ability to put their minds to something and be whoever they want to be then my life purpose is winning. We all have the power and opportunity to grow and develop. Life is about experiencing new things, taking on new challenges and taking risks to be your truest happiest self. I am always on a journey of defining who I am, everyone should be, you should always be trying to be your True Self. Some of you may find me preachy and annoying and that is okay, that is your choice and opinion, everyone is entitled to it. I had a conversation with someone last week whom was struggling with “fitting in”. My first response was they are not your tribe then. The saying your vibe attracts your tribe is so true! If you spend your life trying to live up to other peoples expectations or conform to what you think people want you to be like, you will never truely be happy.

So questions to ask yourself:

  • Who are you?
  • Whats your story?
  • Whom can you inspire?
  • What is your life purpose?
  • What defines you?

Have an amazing Saturday guys and keep being awesome xx


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