Are you living in your Rearview Mirror?

Are you living in your Rearview Mirror?

What a powerful saying? Are you living in your rearview mirror? Meaning are you letting the past stop you from moving forward? Trust me I have been one of these people in the past ALWAYS living in the rearview but one day this year something clicked…. How can you move forward if you are constantly watching behind?

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

After having a full on motivational conversation about life and how excited we are about seeing Tony Robbins in April at UPW, it really hit home – you need to in order to be motivated, be happy, be positive, be your ULTIMATE best version of yourself, be the ultimate beacon of shining light for others, to be the most upbeat positive person and motivated person in the world – YOU NEED TO STOP sabotaging yourself. Get courage to lose sight of the shore and NEVER look back in your rearview mirror.

This is something I want you all to try because it is something that one very wise person: my amazing coach Graham Ravenscroft (Life & Business Coach) did with me when I was in a bad head space, life space, everything space – I didn’t view things positively anymore 7 years ago I had lost hope.

Who is Driving your Bus?

Who is driving your bus? Is it you? Are you on the bus? Do you know where your bus is going? Whos on your bus journey? What seats do they sit in?

I want everyone to take a moment and draw out a bus (HOWEVER and whichever bus you imagine) and draw 6 passenger seats and 1 drivers seat.

Then think, really take a good few moments – could be 2 could be 10 minutes could be 20 – HOWEVER long it takes to really think: Where is my destination? Am I driving towards that destination? How long is this destination going to take to get too?

Then take another good few moments – who is currently my passengers? Why are they on the bus? What value do they bring to the journey? Are they helping me towards getting to my destination? Are they taking away or causing a delay to my destination?

THEN take another good few moments – WHERE ARE YOU on this Bus? Are you in the drivers seat? Are you on the bus? ARE YOU taking you to your location?

Then another few moments – PLACE the 6 passengers on your bus in order of how much you think they influence and affect the time and energy they take for you to get to your destination.

Okay – so now you have a clearer picture of your current situation.

NOW I want you to imagine: If you were to stop looking in your rearview mirror – get some courage up and leave the shore and cross the ocean to reach your final destination…. What would your bus need to look like? WHO is on your bus? WHERE ARE YOU? (I Hope you are in driving seat) Where is the passengers placed?

Okay so now we have a look of what you want your life to look like: BRILLIANT!

So now: From Your previous bus and your current bus I want you to write yourself a note which starts with –

From today with INTENT I am driving and in control of my bus to my destination of (FILL THE BLACK). I know my worth, I know my journey, and I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to do through by setting my intention to achieve it. I will not allow any negative energy to intentional flow and I will not allow any negativity to affect my emotions.  (From this point I want you to write down how you will start moving forward with your new bus)

I know most of you will find this very bizarre: but then stand infront of the mirror and repeat your note to yourself 3 times!
NOW what I want you to do is first thing in the morning – get up and say this note to yourself OR rewrite it out. Get into a good habit of setting your intentions and grabbing them each day!

1 small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day so why not try?

It is true what they say, “Energy Flows Where Intention Goes”.
Put your intention out there, and I know you will 100% achieve whatever you set your mind too.

Be You – Live Your Life – Chase Your Dreams.

I am releasing my Book “Free’ed: Live Your Life Again” in 2017!

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