A Vision: Rise Again

There once was a little girl with a mighty vision of the world
Who’s dreams consumed her mind – dreams of every kind
She was born to stand and shine.

As she grew up in this world she realised things were not so pearled
In a world of terror, symptoms of despairers
She needed to show the light.

As people knocked her down she tried desperately not too frown
“You ideas are crazy, you cannot change lazy”
She persisted with a smile.

Now life had worn her down, her smile was turned upside down
With years of anxiety, a body shaming society,
She lost her sense of worth.

In the darkest of the years, there was many many tears
Times of isolation, years of mass frustration
She needed to refined her light.

The years of pain had got her, but one day a trigger hit her
As she looked in the mirror, She was the only one who could steer her
To find her light again.

One moment in an evening, A cold night the stars were shining
She looked for soul defining, digging deep to ignore whining
To refined her passion again.

She looked at those around her, realised they just ignored her
Because of their own unsettle, unhappy in their own fettle
They took their pain upon her, because her heart was full of wonder
They would kick the biggest heart.

She refound her positive angel, She would change those minds who thought with painful
Because there was another life, one with happy times
Everyone deserved to shine.

As she rose above the sea waves, rising up and showing shockwaves
That freedom could be able, to be free’ed from your heads fable
We all deserve to smile.

As happiness shone around her, she spread happiness in whisper
To show their is an option, for happiness to be your adoption
There is the chance to shine.

And in a world of many, full of dreadful terrors plenty
She’s shown the world the option, to live or be forgotten
You have the chance to be free’ed and rid your enemies.

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