Who’s already on the start line for 2017?


2017 is literally just round the corner but who is on the start line already knowing that they are wanting to make 2017 FANTASTIC! What would you do better? What do you want to achieve? What negative habits are you stopping? Whom do you want to become?

All questions I think most people reflect on when it comes to a new year. I am running a “Becoming Your Best Version in 2017” seminar on January 2nd at 7pm – 7.45pm.
Sign in online: Your Best Version Seminar at our You Tube Channel.

We are going to cover:

  • Setting distinctive Goals for your year
  • How to change your behaviours
  • Creating ultimate happiness in your life
  • Achieving success in 2017
  • How to stop self sabotaging
  • Keeping your Eyes Looking Forward and Living in Each Moment

Are you ready to make 2017 your best year yet?

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Beauty Behind Your Eyes

They always say, “beauty is in the eye of the beholder” meaning “that which one person finds beautiful or admirable may not appeal to another.” It is also true to say your eyes are the gateway to your soul. Your eyes can hide many emotions and reveal many emotions. Eyes can show pain, love, happiness, tears of joy, tears of pain, hold intimacy, watch moments of joy, and see all that affects your mind. Your eyes are POWERFUL, and you need your mind to be just as powerful so as you can become the absolute best version of yourself  by no longer hiding pain, but exhuberating joy in the forefront of your eyes. This time of year is tough for lots of people, those that have lost loved ones over the year, those that are alone, those that have lost themselves and are back on a journey of discovery, today we are there for you to help reach out and express that pain. Emotion shared is emotional relief halved. At this time of year tell people how you feel, renew your soul, renew your spirit, and stop hiding behind your eyes. Make a promise to yourself that between now and 2017 you take a moment to sit down and write 5 – 10 things that you will improve on in 2017 to improve your overall happiness in 2017 and let go of situations that are holding you back. A new year is a chance for renewal, to leave behind unwanted habits, people, or anything holding you back.

Believe in the beauty of your dreams and strive forward to achieve them.
Believe in You – Believe in Your Best Version


The Single Girl in the Modern World

I have been talking for a while about doing this post to many of my female single friends, or those stuck in relationships or situations you aren’t taking power of the situation, and it wasn’t till 2 weeks ago that I bumped into a female friend on a night out, and she had been going through some guy issues, that we had a full on motivational conversation with her about how to take control of her life back, then I thought – I really need to get this post out to the world: The Single Girl in the Modern World.

Modern dating is so messed up! From both sides – both male and female. 30 years ago you met someone, you would “court them”, PHYSICALLY write letters to each other, not know what was going on in each others lives, marry early, have kids, work through your career and that was life. NOW you chuck in social media, media pressures, women and their careers, female empowerment, male empowerment, constant access, flights, cars – EVERYTHING is so modernised it complicates the true concept of what finding your soul mate actually means. It is hard now adays to even pick up the phone yet alone write letters and wait days. Whats wrong with a bit of old fashioned romance?

In this day and age to actually admit you like somebody seems to be like a crime, “oh they like me” I am going to run 10000 yards in the opposite direction because I don’t actually want to face my feelings – EVEN when you like the person back too. Then we have those that have been stuck in relationships, but not brave enough to leave, even though they aren’t quite sure how happy they are, but they know they can get away with going out on the weekends and have their bit on the side and arrive back home to a warm bed at 5 in the morning and blame it on the taxi. Honestly – this world baffles me and these 16 months have really opened my eyes up. Do you like someone or do you not? Are you committing or are you not? Are you already in a relationship or are you not? Simple questions, simple answers, simple ways forward.

I am writing this because I am so frustrated at seeing people around me getting hurt because people don’t know how to and don’t actually deal with their emotions…. why not? As it is too easy now a day to hide behind a text message, run away disappear, but the main thing is the only person losing out is you. I want to help you take your power back, stop sabotaging yourself in relationships, men and women think differently – this is a fact, but if you spend 24 hours a day thinking about why it isn’t moving very fast or why they haven’t messaged back, I can assure you they aren’t and mostly don’t seem to understand why females get so upset about this issue. WE NEED TO TAKE BACK OUR EMOTIONAL CONTROL! (This is both male and females FYI because this situation can be flip reversed females to males) Only YOU chose who can affect your happiness and that decision can be made in 1 instant in a split second moment, so why not decide to take it back? If someone can’t be bothered to message you back – who’s losing out? It’s neither parties issue – but you have to remember it not yours, maybe they don’t value what you bring to the table. That’s okay – there will be another person out there that will 100%.

A lot of people I meet now that I haven’t seen in over a year say my presence in a room is 100000 times different, more prominent and present than 12 months ago… and yes it is – do you know why? Because I took control back in my life. This goes for both males and females – neediness, showing feelings and actually demanding attention will get you no where in this life. I have been reading an incredible book called “The Art of No Contact”. Some of the words in relation to modern dating are incredible! You may not want to play games – but to get what you want you need to cut someone out to win them back – I mean how ridiculous is that????

So here are my 3 top rules for the single girl in the modern world:

1: Don’t be afraid of who you are


Trust me – I have been there – you can ask my nearest and dearest – I have never been more open and honest with myself as to who I am now than I EVER have been. What does that bring along? exuberance? You attract in like-minded people – you feel invigorated – you started making choices based on your happiness, your level of happiness increases, you excel in work, you excel in your personal life – You Literally by being yourself at all times – you can only attract in what is going to value you as your true person in life! Learn to be comfortable with whom you are and whom you want to be – Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. When you start radiating self-worth and self-love – you will attract love and attention from the right people – Just start believing.

2: Don’t Make yourself emotionally unavailable

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What does this mean you ask? Unless you know you are 100% not looking for anything – Stop blocking the potential love of your life walking through your door. Wasting your time on people who you are not going to commit too you  – they are going to make you emotionally unavailable to the potential partner of your dreams walking down the street.  We all have this nasty habit of liking the ones who bring so little into our lives. These are the ones we want to chase STOP! Question if you are having to chase someone – how much should they actually be there? REMEMBER you are a diamond – you are the ONLY you – you are unique, perfect and amazing in your own human – it is their loss and they will realise it and if they don’t again – that’s okay – they just aren’t right for you.

3) Stay true by your feelings

If you like someone – just blooming tell them – I mean don’t declare your undying love for them after 2 dates – read the signs, but too many people just pussy foot around situations in life now – not saying anything – HOW do you expect to get anywhere in life if you don’t tell people how you feel. If they don’t feel the same – it is a lot of wasted time and energy on your behalf saved. Be True to you, to your feelings and know that whatever you feel is amazing and as long as you are honest you don’t need to beat yourself up. If you tell someone how you feel and they don’t say it back then it is a short-term pain but much easier to live with and know where you stand than just wondering. So be upfront and confident in your feelings – and LADIES always trust your intuition. ❤

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Be Yourself – Love Yourself  – Find Yourself – Be Your Best Version ❤

Are you living in your Rearview Mirror?

What a powerful saying? Are you living in your rearview mirror? Meaning are you letting the past stop you from moving forward? Trust me I have been one of these people in the past ALWAYS living in the rearview but one day this year something clicked…. How can you move forward if you are constantly watching behind?

You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore

After having a full on motivational conversation about life and how excited we are about seeing Tony Robbins in April at UPW, it really hit home – you need to in order to be motivated, be happy, be positive, be your ULTIMATE best version of yourself, be the ultimate beacon of shining light for others, to be the most upbeat positive person and motivated person in the world – YOU NEED TO STOP sabotaging yourself. Get courage to lose sight of the shore and NEVER look back in your rearview mirror.

This is something I want you all to try because it is something that one very wise person: my amazing coach Graham Ravenscroft (Life & Business Coach) did with me when I was in a bad head space, life space, everything space – I didn’t view things positively anymore 7 years ago I had lost hope.

Who is Driving your Bus?

Who is driving your bus? Is it you? Are you on the bus? Do you know where your bus is going? Whos on your bus journey? What seats do they sit in?

I want everyone to take a moment and draw out a bus (HOWEVER and whichever bus you imagine) and draw 6 passenger seats and 1 drivers seat.

Then think, really take a good few moments – could be 2 could be 10 minutes could be 20 – HOWEVER long it takes to really think: Where is my destination? Am I driving towards that destination? How long is this destination going to take to get too?

Then take another good few moments – who is currently my passengers? Why are they on the bus? What value do they bring to the journey? Are they helping me towards getting to my destination? Are they taking away or causing a delay to my destination?

THEN take another good few moments – WHERE ARE YOU on this Bus? Are you in the drivers seat? Are you on the bus? ARE YOU taking you to your location?

Then another few moments – PLACE the 6 passengers on your bus in order of how much you think they influence and affect the time and energy they take for you to get to your destination.

Okay – so now you have a clearer picture of your current situation.

NOW I want you to imagine: If you were to stop looking in your rearview mirror – get some courage up and leave the shore and cross the ocean to reach your final destination…. What would your bus need to look like? WHO is on your bus? WHERE ARE YOU? (I Hope you are in driving seat) Where is the passengers placed?

Okay so now we have a look of what you want your life to look like: BRILLIANT!

So now: From Your previous bus and your current bus I want you to write yourself a note which starts with –

From today with INTENT I am driving and in control of my bus to my destination of (FILL THE BLACK). I know my worth, I know my journey, and I know that I can do whatever I set my mind to do through by setting my intention to achieve it. I will not allow any negative energy to intentional flow and I will not allow any negativity to affect my emotions.  (From this point I want you to write down how you will start moving forward with your new bus)

I know most of you will find this very bizarre: but then stand infront of the mirror and repeat your note to yourself 3 times!
NOW what I want you to do is first thing in the morning – get up and say this note to yourself OR rewrite it out. Get into a good habit of setting your intentions and grabbing them each day!

1 small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day so why not try?

It is true what they say, “Energy Flows Where Intention Goes”.
Put your intention out there, and I know you will 100% achieve whatever you set your mind too.

Be You – Live Your Life – Chase Your Dreams.

I am releasing my Book “Free’ed: Live Your Life Again” in 2017!

A Vision: Rise Again

There once was a little girl with a mighty vision of the world
Who’s dreams consumed her mind – dreams of every kind
She was born to stand and shine.

As she grew up in this world she realised things were not so pearled
In a world of terror, symptoms of despairers
She needed to show the light.

As people knocked her down she tried desperately not too frown
“You ideas are crazy, you cannot change lazy”
She persisted with a smile.

Now life had worn her down, her smile was turned upside down
With years of anxiety, a body shaming society,
She lost her sense of worth.

In the darkest of the years, there was many many tears
Times of isolation, years of mass frustration
She needed to refined her light.

The years of pain had got her, but one day a trigger hit her
As she looked in the mirror, She was the only one who could steer her
To find her light again.

One moment in an evening, A cold night the stars were shining
She looked for soul defining, digging deep to ignore whining
To refined her passion again.

She looked at those around her, realised they just ignored her
Because of their own unsettle, unhappy in their own fettle
They took their pain upon her, because her heart was full of wonder
They would kick the biggest heart.

She refound her positive angel, She would change those minds who thought with painful
Because there was another life, one with happy times
Everyone deserved to shine.

As she rose above the sea waves, rising up and showing shockwaves
That freedom could be able, to be free’ed from your heads fable
We all deserve to smile.

As happiness shone around her, she spread happiness in whisper
To show their is an option, for happiness to be your adoption
There is the chance to shine.

And in a world of many, full of dreadful terrors plenty
She’s shown the world the option, to live or be forgotten
You have the chance to be free’ed and rid your enemies.