Finding Freedom: The Truth

Finding Freedom: The Truth

When people talk about eating disorders and body dimorphic, if you don’t understand it, or haven’t been through the extremities your natural reaction would be,

“Why Can’t They Just Sort Themselves Out”

Trust me – you question yourself that numerous times – why can’t I just get rid of this? Why does this need to consume me? My parents would question themselves? Friends wondering why you put yourself through it? Everyone in your closer network is affected. But I am here to help and say it is okay, you can do this, and you will ALL live happier lives!

More the 1.6 million are directly affected with eating disorders yearly, and did you know that out of all psychiatric disorders – Eating disorders have the highest mortality rate? Probably not, as this illness has been the unspoken sin, the illness that no one realises how serious it is, or how much it can affect your life. It isn’t just someone who won’t eat, or binge eats, or manipulates their diets. It is a whole plethora of mental problems that affect this person entirety  in mind, body and soul.

“The Health and Care Information Centre published figures in February 2014 showed an 8% rise in the number of inpatient hospital admissions in the 12 months previous to October 2013. The Costs of Eating Disorders report found that this is indicative of the trend in increasing prevalence over time: a 34% increase in admissions since 2005-06 – approximately 7% each year. ” (

With issues and costs on the rise, something needs to be done to help reduce these issues.

Luckily I am one of the survivors, but some others are not that lucky.

Why is this?
It could be numerous things – I just knew that I wanted and I deserved a better life than what I was giving myself, and I was determined to beat it to enable myself to fulfil happiness and others around me because I was pulling them down!

“Research suggests that around 46% of anorexia patients fully recover, a 33% improving and 20% remaining chronically ill. Similar research into bulimia suggests that 45% make a full recovery, 27% improve considerably and 23% suffer chronically.” (

Wouldn’t it be amazing to turn around in 5 years time and say 60% make a full recovery? No longer will 20% die prematurely from this illness because more people will be able to approach and get help earlier? It isn’t just the complications that you have when you are in the depths of illness, it’s any complications you may have after and long term – like teeth corrosion, brittle bones, ulcers in your stomach, hiatus hernia in your oesophagus, stomach lining damage – we could go on but here is a glimpse and short story on my recovery.

Short Picture Story of My Journey from Admitting to Full Recovery
My recovery time from admission – 5 years!


My story is only one of a few that have fully recovered and made a new life for themselves. In pictures you can see the changes in my body throughout each phase. My story will be published next year in my book: Free’ed.

I now live a happy, confident and life that I want to help others realise how amazing they are and that they can make something of their lives – no matter what illness they are facing, life troubles or low they have got.
You have got the strength to pull through and you can do it!

On December 18th I am chucking myself out of a plane from 10,000ft to help raise awareness of the amount of support there is out there to help sufferers of Eating Disorders, but not just ED, any illness that consumes your life – you have the power to bring yourself back to a point that you realise your worth again.

Please support me:

And help me provide help from other sufferers out there who are struggling to find their inner strength.

“Standing there, on my home turf, in front of my home crowd. Feeling strong, powerful and ready. That’s when I heard the crowd roar – and that was the moment I knew… I had made it – I was free’ed”.  Jayne Nisbet (CWG 2014)

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