If we are what we repeatedly do…

If we are what we repeatedly do…

Poignont quote for the start of the week… who wants to be excellent this week? today? tomorrow? next week? 52 weeks time? It all starts with one simple choice… today I want to be excellent… tomorrow I want to be excellent… on Friday I want to be excellent…I am going to create a habit of being excellent!

Habits…. “a settled or regular tendency or practice, especially one that is hard to give up.”

Good habits: I exercise daily, I eat well, I was excellent at work today, I tidied up the house, I made the bed, I showed gratitude for life, I helped make someones day…. many more…

Bad Habits: Reaction of anger to things out of your control, eating a take away on a week night rather than cooking fresh food, taking your gym stuff too work and then not actually going to the gym, picking up a chocolate bar at the garage rather than just leaving it…. many more…

What are both your good habits and bad habits? Have you even identified what contributes to a happy life for you or what habits make life more stressful and unhappy for you? And no before you say I am perfect… EVERYBODY in this world even the most perfect people will have something that they will say this is my bad habit… its a natural thing, we are human… but what is important is if you have identified a bad habit and want to change it… YOU CAN!

Habits are just a series of behaviours that you have repeatedly done time and time again, that your body and mind unconsiously would complete that habit… IE driving – once you have been driving for years, sometimes you can get in your car and not even remember how you got from a – b because you know exactly and your mind knows exactly what it is doing.  Same with exercise – athletes train day in day out, training for purpose and excellence, they make healthy choices to fuel their goals and work towards that daily.

I have people laugh as I still think like an athlete when it comes to my own training, because I never got out of the routine, because it a habit that I didn’t want to change.


What habits do you want to start changing this week? What have you been putting off this year that you think, “NO – I want to erradicate this habit by the end of the year?”

START NOW! GET MOTIVATED – its this simple when you break it down!
It takes 30 days to create a habit… 60 days to consolidate that habit and 90 days for that habit to be a subconsious behaviour… that would mean by February you would of created a subconsious behaviour, meaning YOU would be absolutely smashing January with your goals and behaviours!

So how are we going to do this?

The 3 R’s of habit formation:

  • Create a Reminder
  • Get a Routine
  • Reward yourself for this habit

habit-three-r.jpg1: Reminder – Set an alert on your phone, put something up on your wall, JUST KEEP REMINDING YOURSELF what you want to change and why – Why will changing this habit have such a positive effect on your life.

2: Routine – creating that habit required routine -if that means practicing the habit at the same time daily, then that means practicing the habit at the same time daily.

3: Reward – What benefit will you gain from changing this habit? Remind yourself and reward yourself – if you are trying to eat chocolate don’t reward yourself with a chocolate bar! Think of simple rewards like allowing yourself to indulge in a bath, take some time out and watch the tele because you deserve it, think of things that make you happy for reward and do this.

A positive reward will make you want to repeat this habit so when your reminder pops up the next day you will repeat your routine and reward yourself. …. Sounds good?

So this week:

Be Excellent – Remember You are excellent – Go and practice Being Your Excellent Self

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