Its only You VS You

Its only You VS You

When you look into the mirror who do you see? What do you see? What do you want to see?

ianbarclayphotography-jaynenisbet-49-edit-21This is where you get answers that lighten the mood like Jennifer Anniston, or Brad Pitt… But in reality YOU are just amazing the way YOU are!

I wanted to write this blog to open up everyones minds to all thats going on in there, and how quickly simple habits can help bring you from self sabotage to self confidence and self motivation.

I’ll be honest with you all now everybody struggles with mindset and motivation- 3 months ago I wrote to – A DESPERATE plea for help… I thought I had lost the plot, I was upset, frustrated at life, unhappy in myself, hated looking in the mirror, hated being in my own thoughts, embarassed by my life basically, felt useless, worthless, and pretty fed, and didn’t see or know – lost sight of why I was here on the planet. If I mentioned it to anyone, I felt like I was being weak. From the outside people don’t see an inner turmoil so I really like the phrase,  “be kind as you do not know what inner war is going on inside people.” I have ALWAYS struggled with confidence – because I haven’t addressed the issue enough. So here is a little bit of hope for anyone out there who is struggling to break through anxiety and confidence:

Everybody wants to know what their purpose is – otherwise well whats the point. For the first time in 6 years – I just didn’t know who I was. 1 year of health changing events being chucked at me every couple of months that challenged my mental strength, wore me down, and down and down…. till you hit rock bottom… and you take a moment and go wait a minute… THIS IS NOT WHAT MY LIFE IS MEANT TO BE. Now I am telling you…  literally being alone in my own thoughts – my mind would send me into a paranoia that literally meant I could only sleep 1.5 – 3 hours a night, in a space of thinking I was a bad person, that for some reason everyone in the world thought I was worthless… Then I thought… NO Jayne come on! GET YOUR ASSS INTO GEAR NOW! This self willowing, pitying yourself frame of mind gets you nowhere! So what did I do…

TOOK A BLOOMING Good look in the mirror and was like SERIOUSLY! COME ON!

I took a moment – mapped out what I wanted my life to be like, then questioned why is it not like that? Wrote down my answers and kept them safe.
I am now striving everyday to achieve that desired outcome! In a happy, positive manner and living my life for each day as it comes. You can do this too!

Created a vision board of how I imagined and wanted my life to be… and also recognised that if I ever wanted to find happiness in Love, life and career –  I TRUELY needed to be happy with myself… and I just wasn’t happy with me… so how am I meant to even attract in the right person, know what I want to do or be content in life if I wasn’t working on myself.

So step 1 – RESET my brain yet again – ALL aboard my incredible life coach Louise Lennon. Even us coaches need coaching – the reason I am telling you this is because I want each and every person out there who is struggling with some aspect of their life to know – it is okay – you are not alone – EVERYBODY is facing some form of mental dilemma and battle with their confidence, life or happiness.

Step 2: Implement strategies and coping mechanisms to stop anxiety and panic attacks. I would be out on a run and a thought would fly through my head and I would have an anxiety attack in the middle of nowhere… how did I channel this?
Positive Thoughts and Positive Self Talk. Starting an acceptance of myself and know where I am. Accept I wasn’t in a good place but things could only get better. SO….

Step 3: Work on developing yourself and developing your strength to cope. I literally started with reading 10 pages an evening of self development books (10 pages) that is all.. and each page of a book I started to relate more and more to it, and take more and more out of it… till the point I just thought wow seriously Jayne – you are not so messed up! Sign up to a course, join a fitness class, get moving, get your brain ticking! Trust me!

Step 4: Make time to improve yourself – wanna get your hair done – GET YOUR HAIR done, beauticians – DO IT, do whatever it takes to make you feel positive about your self, your image and your body.

Step 5: GET MORE SLEEP! I was a absolute NIGHTmare for getting sleep didn’t value it at all – living off 4 – 5 hours a night for almost a year! TRUST me it catches up with you. The difference in my skin, my hair, my nails, my body, my mind mostly and my outlook has improved dramatically..

5 small simple strategies for you turn your mindset away from being against you to working for you in your favour, all the time – all by small moments daily of deciding something wont affect you! Practice it – make it a habit – create a good positive habit!


In 3 months I have literally turned my life back on track, I am more motivated than EVER! IT is okay to have a dip in the road, it is a natural process of life, you need the lows to feel the highs, you need to create success – know what its like to be on the other end of the spectrum to appreciate it. BE GRATEful for EVERYthing you have!

Why not try creating a mind map of what you invisage your life to be like in 1 year, 5 years and 10 years. Look at the steps you might take to get there, think about important things of how does it make you feel imagining living your life like that?

Try it & Be kind To Yourself – You only have 1 amazing you 🙂

Vision Your Life – Create Your Happiness – Be Your Best Self  – BEAT Your DEMONS



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