Instant Mood Boosters for Confidence…

So you are feeling a little bit down in the dumps about yourself… you might of had a bad day, you may of heard some bad news, you might not have made it to the gym even once this week and tomorrow you have a MASSIVE meeting, interview, event, date, whatever it is that you want to feel amazing for! *sighs* We have all been there, yes I can even tell you even the top of the top models have been there, top athletes, top business men and woman – basically everyone has these moments where they just think… Why do I just feel and look like a pile of pants… So its coming up to 5pm or whatver your work finishing time is and you have about 15 hours to turn this mood around… What are you going to do? How are you going to feel better?


NUTRITION: its that famous saying you are what you eat… When you eat better you feel better about yourself, you ooze confidence, you radiate self esteem and you feel much happier in yourself. My Top 2 mood boosting meals for you:

The Pure Free From Range are also a great way to boost your mood! These healthy packed full of goodness pots are a quick, simple and easy way to feel more healthy and vibrant in an instant.
Soupologie: All the soupologie soups are a great way to boost your confidence and feel good factor. All allergen friendly too and ridiculously tasty!













Yes as annoying as it sounds, even just a 30 minute boost of energy! Even just 30 minutes of boosting exercise can help you focus more, feel better in your mody and feel more motivated!!! You don’t even need to go to the gym you can do it from your living room, kitchen or bedroom!! 30 Minutes of exercise 3 – 5 times a week is all you need consistently to boost your mood overall.


Step 3: BEAUTIFY yourself

So I know some of you may laugh at this but… it is true fact there has even been scientific studies on it! If you beautify yourself, and enhance yourself by taking care and taking the time on you.. YOU WILL 100% feel more confidenct, happier and better in your skin! So what are my 4 key beautifying products and regime to boosting my mood overnight?

Step 1:

Get your20316.jpgself to boots, superdrug, tesco, sainsburys, wherever yourself and buy yourself some Radox bubbles! Go to the gym, get home eat your healthy meal, and then pour yourself a nice relaxing bath filled with bubbles. BLISS!! Your body will appreciate you giving it some R&R.


Step 2: Tan Yourself Up

This isn’t a joke, I promise you and alot of females won’t admit this! A bit of colour does you the world of good! It makes you feel radiant and confident. Now we are not looking at being an oompa loompa, just a nice subtle bit of colour always helps boost your confidence. Get some Vita Liberata, they have a wide range of shades and really good for no streaks!

Step 3: Enhance that smile

I get alot of people asking me, have you had your teeth whitened? Answer is no… but I do use products that enhance their whiteness and have consistently used them over time. It is one of my biggest confidence boosts: Glowing White Smile!
Get some Dr Georges Dental White:



After this whole rigmarole of a day, the best thing you can do is be tucked up in bed by 10pm. Honestly… look at this science:

The biological clock and your internal organs, the main internal organs of your body work according to a “Time Schedule.” Knowing how your body works can help you regulate your schedule in order to attain the optimum level of health and well-being.

  • 9.00 pm – 11.00 pm: At this time, your body eliminates toxic chemicals from the immune system (lymph nodes). * Best time is to go in bed and asleep before 8 pm, good enough before 9pm, latest before 10 pm it is still healthy. Generally in some sense from 8pm till 10pm rest our intelligence, ability to make Balanced and Healthy decisions. From 10pm till 12 mid night rest our mind, ability to think and contemplate. Ability to cope, digest and show in healthy way our emotions. From 12 mid night rest our growth material body.
  • 11.00 pm – 1.00 am: This is the time your liver eliminates poisons and rejuvenates itself. *It is best to be sound asleep by 9 pm or 10 pm for your body to properly execute this important function.
  • 12.00 midnight – 4.00 am: this is the time your bone marrow produces blood.
  • 1.00 am – 3.00 am: This is the time your gall bladder eliminates toxins and rejuvenates itself.
  • 3.00 am – 5.00 am: This is the time your lungs eliminate toxins and rejuvenate themselves.
  • 4.00 am – 7.00 am: This is the time your colon eliminates poisons and rejuvenates itself. This is the proper time to empty your bowel.
  • 7.00 am – 9.00 am: This is the time that vitamins, minerals, proteins and nutrients are absorbed in your small intestines. Definitely it is healthy eat breakfast at this time.

(HH Mahanidhi Swami Article “Be Healthy, Happy and Holy — Sleep by 10 pm”)

Wake up in the morning feeling good, looking good and boosted for your day ahead! Go on you can do it!!!

Becoming Wonder Woman…

In an unorthodox and pretty brutal world these days… people are falling by the way side left right and centre at a younger age with; stress, illness, career woes, failed relationships… I was speaking to my life coach a few weeks ago and she said I have need so many 28 year olds whom are genuinely having mid-life crisis’. Younger and younger is the level and amount of stress building up and bringing people down. The other day one of my friends has had the BIGGEST breakout of shingles I have ever seen in my life… back in the day this wouldn’t happen until mostly later on in your life – its the old persons reaction to a run down immune system… I had shingles at 22… life is not easy. But the thing about life is that the ones who make it, are the ones that take a moment, reflect, reset, work out a strategy, and get back on track. Life is for Living, live it your way!

I am often described and believe myself – even call myself it *if we could put in a cry face emoji right now I would* – I am wonder woman! I like to set myself a challenge. The reason is I mostly all the time, take on too much, say yes too everything, never myself a break, but constantly keep driving forwards… to the outside world I push push push, don’t break down – I even the week I broke my knee I said and quote, “I literally feel like I am bionic right now,” SO NOT TRUE – but why because that isn’t life and that isn’t reality… and theres only so long you can hold the escapade of being wonder woman job up. What is the difference between success and failure? There is a fine line… often when it goes on the downward spiral one too many times, you can spiral that way… BUT at least you are trying… persistence, positivity and picking yourself back up… PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE – actually its not patience, its the art of knowing, that if you repeat a positive action day after day after day – yes its not going to show instantly but overtime, the domino effect of the positive practice will catapult you into that positive result. It is perseverance, patience and knowing whatever is chucked your way, it is the belief that if you do that small positive daily mundane task every day and it may not, actually it will not show immediately, but small repeated positive actions = large positive outcome. Look at athletes for example: they didn’t one day just decide to rock up to their sporting field, and within a couple of sessions become an olympic champion, and again what makes the difference between the best of the best and the mediocre… yes talent – but persistence overrides talent when talent wont work. Athletes look at getting the best out themselves – because our olympic gods there is a massive element of extreme talent there (Usain Bolt), the difference between the ones that maximise themselves, is the small, extremely, boring, mundane minuscule tasks, like preventative rehabilitation, stretching, recovery, nutrition, stabilisation, core strength, the hours and hours and hours and hours of accumulative mundane, simple, basic, boring stuff that no body wants to waste their time doing, is what makes the difference between success and failure for each individual in the sport field. What makes the difference in the big wider world? No difference at all. In your field – put the above into practice.

So look at where you are now? What are you doing daily to improve yourself? What small mundane tasks that you are completing daily, that no body even batters an eyelid towards that you truly believe are going to be the biggest and best triumph for you in the end? This is a note to say keep going, keep pushing, keep believing because you will make it.