Training Your Mind

Training Your Mind

Your mind is so powerful! It is more powerful than you ever could imagine or believe. Have you ever had thoughts out of nowhere that you feel incredibly powerful and invisible? Then thoughts that you feel could destroy you? How do you maximise this incredibly fascinating part of your body so YOU have the power over it?

8 Bones Form The Skull and 14 Bones form your face


The brain is composed of 3 parts: The brainstem, cerebellum and cerebrum and 4 lobes: Frontal Parietal, temporal and occipital.

Frontal lobe

  • Personality, behavior, emotions
  • Judgment, planning, problem solving
  • Speech: speaking and writing (Broca’s area)
  • Body movement (motor strip)
  • Intelligence, concentration, self awareness

Parietal lobe

  • Interprets language, words
  • Sense of touch, pain, temperature (sensory strip)
  • Interprets signals from vision, hearing, motor, sensory and memory
  • Spatial and visual perception

Occipital lobe

  • Interprets vision (color, light, movement)

Temporal lobe

  • Understanding language (Wernicke’s area)
  • Memory
  • Hearing
  • Sequencing and organization

Mayfield Clinic, 2016 (

These are alot of areas to train! But can you imagine, if you could fine tune these aspects how incredible powerful you could be? It is like training yourself to be an athlete. You fine tune every aspect of your body, muscle movement, speed/power, bodyweight/power ratio, Oxygen threshholds, altitude training to enable your body to be able to pump more oxygen through your body. BASICALLY You are training your mind instead of training your body. Everybody should try it!

I saw an amazing quote this morning that inspired me to write this post:
“Train Your Mind To See the Good in Everything”

Yes some of my friends laugh at me, I literally try to see the best in every situation… I broke my knee and I said well maybe I broke it because somewhere in this universe I was meant to focus on what I want to do with my life. I got diagnosed with coeliac, I say someone out there is telling me I need to look after my health better. There is always a lesson and a positive lesson learned out of every situation. But you need to train your mind to think like this. Everybody has the gift and capability to get the best out of themselves and maximise themselves… now I am not saying everyone should be going around the world singing happy songs and claiming that life is perfect and merry! That is far from it, but what I do want to try and encourage is everyone to take a step back and look at situations and how you could take positives out of it. Are you a blamer or do you look at how you contribute to a situation and think how you could deal with it better?

Lets use an example:

If you have a PT client, they are really struggling to achieve their goals. Do they:
A) Just continue and not say anything and hope that they achieve their goals eventually but they are not fully committed
B) Hope they Admit to you that something is not working and they are worried they aren’t moving forward
C) You notice as a personal trainer that your client isn’t achieving their goals, and question what can you do as your profession to help them achieve their goals?
D) Let them have time away and reflection time, and then re approach them to find out what their readiness to change state is at?
E) Just let them give up?

Just because your client isn’t achieving their goals – is not a reflection of you being a bad personal trainer, it is a reflection that you both need to sit down and discuss how to re adjust this plan in order to maximise their way forward. The positive in this situation woul be C – as your profession you take control admit that something is not working and work with them to identify what the issue is… You will be suprised with the answers. I mean unless you literally have no clue about how the body works, planning and nutrition – which is what you are trained in – then ofcourse you can come to a solution and work forward. This also creates GREAT client retention. Sometimes though you have to admit to yourself as a trainer that you may not be the right PT for that person. This is NOT a negative – it is a great strength in a human being to admit when something isn’t right. This is the issue with the mind – if you haven’t trained your frontal lobe to manage your “chimp” that tells you you are useless and not worthy – then you will struggle to see the positives. “The only person you are destined to be is the person you decide to become” (Olson, J. 2013)

What can you do in the next 30 days to ensure you are moving towards the person you want to be by training your mind?


Each evening for the next 30 days take 10 – 15 minutes each night to write down 2 positives from that day. Write in as much detail as possible about 2 positive outcomes or how you overcame a negative by turning it into a positive. After 30 days this will become a habit – it takes 30 days to create a habit and 30 days to consolidate that habit. After 30 days take a look over EVERY little positive step forward you have made in your life over those 30 days and see how amazing little improvements daily can rechange your mindset.




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