Live Wheatgrass Juice: Yum!

Wheatgrass you say? Most peoples response is thats disgusting… but honestly I have found a product here that is ridiculously tasty and REALLY REALLY Good for you!!! Get all your nutrients in Live Wheatgrass Juice slushy detox juices!! The elixer and the yum! blends being my favourites!

The Yum blend:
PomegranateRed Grape
Coconut Water
Wheatgrass Juice

There is so many benefits to adding these Detox Juices into your day to day life:
Healthier Immune System
Collagen boost
Energy Boost
Healthy Bones, Muscle and Body Tissue

Since starting these detox juices the amounts of compliments I have had about my skin has been ridiculous and they have boosted my energy massively! After being away for a week and not being able to take them my immune system has taken a battering and come down with an almighty cold. After taking them again for 3 days I felt 100% right as reign again!

Use code: jaynenisbetpt when purchasing at check out.

Whether you want to do a 3 day, 5 day or 7 day juice detox OR you want to join the juice club and add 1 sachet to 4 a day into your diet, there is an option for everyone to boost their health!

Use code: jaynenisbetpt when purchasing at check out.

Start your journey to healthier, fitter and happier you today!!




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