Your best version... how do you find that balance? Healthy living isn’t about eliminating all of the foods you love or pushing your body to unhealthy limits. It’s about finding a balance between the physical, emotional, nutritional, and motivational elements in your life. Everybody needs balance and everybody needs flexibility to ensure they live a [...]

Being a mother is the most amazing thing in the world but unfortunately sometimes you forget to put yourself first. Jayne Nisbet Personal Training is here to help you be able to put your health and fitness on the top of your priority list with our SUPERMUM PACKAGES! These are sessions that are within the [...]

Wheatgrass you say? Most peoples response is thats disgusting... but honestly I have found a product here that is ridiculously tasty and REALLY REALLY Good for you!!! Get all your nutrients in Live Wheatgrass Juice slushy detox juices!! The elixer and the yum! blends being my favourites! The Yum blend: PomegranateRed Grape Raspberry Coconut Water [...]

After years and years (yes years) of suffering from upset stomachs, taking numerous intolerance tests, changing my diet time and time again, going completely vegan then reintroducing food - after a stressful start to 2016, I started getting severe stomach pains.... pains that would literally bring me down to the floor in pain... or my [...]