Monday Motivation: Why is Monday so great?


Everyone says Mondays are perfect to restart, refresh and boost your motivation! I AGREE!
Here is why:

  1. Whatever you have been up too on the weekend – indulgent, lack of sleep, lack of fitness, too much partying: Monday is a brilliant day to restore your motivation and set goals of how much better you are going to live you life this new week. My outlook as a fitness enthusiast is if you party, you train harder because it is a self inflicted form of excuse. I often get people say, ‘I cannot believe you have been out training after our night out, and you are so bright and bubbly,”…. This is because I have exercised away all self indulgent guilt.
  2. Monday is a new week – as cliche as it sounds it is perfect to restart on a fresh week! Set yourself some personal goals: fitness, life, house and job/business related to boost your week and motivate you to achieve more!
  3. From today…. Monday 11th April there is only 10 Weeks till Summer is officially here… Do you want to look and feel amazing? or are you going to cover up? The choice is yours! It takes 4 weeks for you to notice changes, 8 weeks for friends and family and 12 weeks for the rest of the world!

To boost your body try New You in 30 for only £10:
Fitness from your living room, from your phone, laptop or ipad!


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