Squats: Your Summer Body Essential

….Because Nobody Ever Wrote a Song about a Small Bum

Right Ladies and Gents if you have not already we NEED to get some squats into your summer body preperations! The squat is such an important exercise to help create that PERT bottom, so you look and feel sexy and peachy! My boooty summer body move is the Power Squat:

So what are the top  5 reasons for us to love squats?

  1. Get a stronger, more toned and firmer buttocks, legs and lower half! We also have to work the core at the same time! Wowser: a big muscle group! Will also improve your booty shake, confidence and walking down the beach!
  2. The legs are such a big part of the body that when you do explosive exercise or any form of exercise with your legs you are burning calories at a higher rate.
  3. You can literally do a squat circuit anywhere – you do not need any equipment to keep your legs and bottom looking amazing and feeling amazing!
  4. Squats help make your knee joints stronger and more stable meaning you are less likely to get injuries!
  5. If you want an instant confidence boost – squats have been known to automatically increase morale, make you strut your stuff and feel like you are a beauty queen!

Try our Squat circuits in New You in 30 for only £10 access to full body!

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