Welcome 2016 with open arms

As we cross over into a new year it is all about reflection, setting goals and moving forward into a new year with a grateful heart and determination to make your next year amazing. I had a really strong image of a zip closing off 2015 putting it in a bag, zipping off things you want to leave behind and choosing what options you want to take forward into your amazing 2016!


This is such a true meaning but this year is a leap year so you actually have one extra chance this year to make it amazing: you literally have 366 days of opportunity ahead of you to make your year incredible! How are you going to make the most of these opportunities? What are these opportunities to you?

Look where you stand at the moment: What do you want to say about yourself this time next year?

Do you want a new year new me?

  • Are you wanting to make your health, wellness and mindset your main priority this year
  • It only takes 30 days to create a habit:
    • Create it
    • Make it
    • Develop it

Do you want to achieve some serious life goals:

  • Its never too late to set new life goals
    • Make this the year that you try something you have always wanted too

Are Recovering from long term mental health:

  • Make 2016 the year the you truely evaluate where you are. Make 365 days of opportunity the reason that this time next year you are 365 days forward in managing your mental health.
  • Every day is a step forward to recovery and management of your mental. Alot of people view mental health as something that indiviuals should just be able to switch and change.
  • It takes days, months and years of hard work and determination to create a happier and healthier mind.
  • BUT remember every day you have a good day is a step forward

UNZIP 2016 – Close off 2015: WELCOME to 2016


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