Smart Fitness

Undertaking fitness can be the one thing that everyone shys away from when they think lose weight. Everyone always trys a diet first then when that doesnt work resorts to exercise. Trust me…. Exercise will and always will be the one factor in weight loss and fat loss that will work and continue to work.

Things to consider though when starting an exercise programme:

1) How fit are you? when was the last time you partook in exercise?
2) How much do you know?
3) How often are you wanting to train? How much do you think you should train?
4) Are you going to join a gym? or are you going to hire a personal trainer?

So initially I ask how fit are you?

The common mistake that people do is absoloutly cane the first session out and cannot walk for about a week and then try it all over again. Same thing happens and therefore put off the gym for life or some then just go way to easy and when they don’t see results just give up. So… How Fit are you? When did you last partake in exercise? If it was 11 months ago on your last new years resolution? Ask yourself: Why did I give up before? How can I stop this from happening again? If this is your first time in a long while, try some light cardio and some easy weights.

Introduction Session:
10 Minutes Cross Trainer
10 Minutes Bike
10 Minutes Treadmill (Depending on confidence and fitness levels – run for 10 minutes if you are confident, if not put on either hill walks or walk and run 1 minutes)

Then Resistance:
Choose 10 Exercises (Preferably Machines First Time in)
Complete 20 Repetitions of each on a REALLY light weight. Literally so you feel a little bit of strain.

Try this, note down how comfortable this felt, note how much more you think you can push and note down how you felt the day after.
Have a rest day then try again.

How much do you know about health and fitness?

This can determine how exciting your workouts can be and how well you can follow your plan.
This could mean you do some reading up or if you are struggling and would prefer someone to help, hire yourself a personal trainer.
Personal trainers (like me) can either come to your home, can train you outside, in their homes or you can find them in your gym.
This gives you options as to where you want to train. Personal Trainers have specifically studied to help you lose weight, and are reading up on the new trends and researching how to help clients (well should be).

You need to ask yourself how often are you wanting to train?

I ask this because, everyone sets their targets way to high as they are really keen, but you have to take a step back and look at how often can you train and how can you fit it around your lifestyle?
Start off with minimal and build it up once you get into the routine. Personally I would recommend try 3 times a week: Monday, Wednesday & Friday or Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday. Giving yourself a chance to recover in between. After a month or two you can then start thinking about increasing the amount of time you train.

So the last question you meed to ask yourself?

How motivated are you? How are you going to keep yourself motivated and Are You Looking forward to Feeling Fantastic in 2012?

Keep in touch,

Jayne x / 07912439998 /

One response to “Smart Fitness”

  1. Trying hard this week, went for a Run on Monday, at the gym tonight, doing some of your exercises, and tomorrow going for a run with stretching afterwards, in prep for the run on Saturday round Arthurs Seat!!!! I am going to be focussed this year and keep up to date with your blogs to keep me motivated. Thank you.


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