Jayne Nisbet

Fitness Expert and Business Consultant

“With more than 15 years experience in the fitness industry, I have worked with several fitness businesses from boutique studios to online coaches to optimise their business structure, sales, marketing and client experience to maximise reputation and scale their businesses online and in person.”



Striving for excellence is what I aim for in my own life. My biggest passion is enabling others to find their own excellence and thrive in whatever it is they do. My career in the industry so far has been full of adventure. From running own personal training business for 8 years in Loughborough, then moving to London to learn more about how fitness corporations are run, the struggles they face and the change they bring for other peoples lives. I have never been someone who’s played small, and you shouldn’t have to either, especially in an industry that encourages you to be bold. I’ve helped over 500 coaches get qualified in our industry, helped 25 start ups get off the ground. I can’t wait to help more fitness businesses and coaches reach their full potential and physically thrive in our industry. 

What's does the Fit Biz Coach Offer?

1-2-1 business consultancy.

Dependent on your business needs, each consultancy will differ. My specialities and expertise lie in online coaching, personal training and boutique fitness studios. It is my ultimate dream to build a consultancy that is helping coaches and fitness businesses world wide to build thriving communities, excelling marketing strategies and develop sales process and team structures that will help you build the life and business you have always dreamed of.

For me, I truly believe no goal is unachievable.

I pride myself on supporting coaches and businesses to create the product they have always dreamed of.​

This involves a deep dive discovery call into what they want to achieve with their business. If they are starting out and need clarity, or maybe an existing businesses who is struggling with stagnation and decline.

On this call we discuss everything from your goals, to ideas, experience, your vision and from here I will start the investigatory work.

After your discovery call, you will receive a proposal which will include suggestions for which app to use based upon your business needs and vision and what services I can support you on the most.

Business Strategy and analysis

Marketing and Sales

Forecasting and Analysis

Client Experience

Building a Company

"People don't buy what you do they buy why you do it"


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